Happy 80th birthday, William Shatner!

Published On March 22, 2011 | By Joe Gordon | Film TV & Theatre

(detail from cover to Star Trek : Burden of Knowledge, art by  Joe Corroney, published IDW)

Can it really be true? Can the mighty Shatner really be celebrating the anniversary of 80 of our Earth years this very day? Yes, folks, the man who is Captain James T Kirk (sorry, Chris Pine, loved you in the new movie but let’s face it, Bill is the Real Deal, always will be) celebrates his 80th birthday today, one hopes with a certain amount of Romulan Ale.  From television to film to comic books to penning his own series of SF novels and even the music, can there be an end to the wonders of Shatner?

Shanter can be an odd character to some fans – some deride him or lampoon him, sometimes with reason perhaps, and yet he has frequently lampooned his own image, usually with rather obvious glee, which makes it hard to hold anything against him. Whatever side you come down on though you can’t deny he’s the man behind one of television and science fiction’s most iconic characters and we’d not have it any other way. Ladies, gentlmen, other intelligent lifeforms, please stand and carefully rip your uniform shirt in an enticing manner to honour the 80th birthday of Mr William Shatner!

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