Hamlet Rough Cut

Published On April 18, 2011 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

Jon Haward has decided to start a blog detailing some of the work that goes into designing and creating the graphic novel adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet for Classical Comics; he’s calling it Hamlet Rough Cut, posting up images and sketch designs so far of characters along with why he was thinking in a particular direction (as in the image below, character sketches for Claudius, who, Jon notes, he wanted to be “a big bear of a man, someone you really wouldn’t want to upset a mix of Brian Blessed and Albert Finney.”) Be interesting to see the graphic novel’s progress evolve through Jon’s blog, I think, one to keep an eye on.

(character designs for that well known usurper of the crown and nasty ear poisoner Claudius by Jon Haward for Classical Comics)

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