Gag me With a Toon

Published On February 11, 2011 | By Joe Gordon | Animation, Comics, Conventions and events

LA Weekly’s Style Council reports from Meltdown Comics‘ Gag Me With a Toon 3 exhibition, which features a bunch of artists, including Jhonen Vasquez, Jessicka Adams, Roman Dirge, Jim Mahfood and more. The idea is to create modern art inspired by the classic cartoons the artists remember from childhood, which can lead to works like this Smurfs one (Smurfs are apparently a fairly consistent theme in each of the Gag Me exhibitions so far) by Vasquez which is either disturbing/destroying your childhood innocence/hilariously funny depending on your sense of humour and how important the wee blue guys were to your formative years (sorry, Wim, I thought this was funny, if gross):

(“Harvesting the Smurfberries of Nostalgia” by and (c) Jhonen Vasquez)

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