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Published On May 16, 2011 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Trixie Biker: Right Hand Down

By Matthew Craig

I do like Matthew Craig’s work. Have done since I first saw it with Hondle. Since then I’ve read a fair number of his works, and across most of his comics there’s a really strong mix of well developed characters, an interesting blend of fun and sentimentality and a strong sense of humanity throughout. He’s a superhero fan, pure and simple, but he also brings something a little more domestic and small scale to the spandex that makes it rather sweet.

However, Craig’s recently suffered a bit of an artist’s nightmare – and his drawing hand’s out of action for a while.

But this little set-back hasn’t prevented him getting this latest Trixie Biker comic out. Right Hand Down was drawn by Craig using his non-dominant left hand. And obviously, you can tell – it’s rough, it’s ready, and it’s not the prettiest of things. But that’s sort of not the point.

(Jane Jasper, also known as Trixie Biker, courtesy of the left hand of Matthew Craig.)

The thing is, Craig has a story he needs to tell with Trixie Biker. And it’s not one that will be stopped by something as inconsequential as a massive hand trauma. In the afterword Craig puts it so nicely:

“Of all my fictional characters … you are the one that has done the most work to carve herself a niche in … my brain”

“And you deserve a chance Jane … your world is light and rich with potential. … your world is so much fun Jane. And there’s so much left to explore. So i’m going to get my hand patched up. I’m going to get my stories wrote. Whatever it takes.”

So here we get a very rough little story, where Jane Jasper transforms into the “Petrolhead Princess Of Diva City“, complete with Gogo Pixies, to do battle with Dr. Kropotkin. And as usual, it’s good fun, Craig’s a good old fashioned superhero fan, and he does them rather well.

It’s just this time around there’s a little less of Jane and a little more of Trixie, and although it may be my prejudices showing through, I kind of miss Craig delving into Jane’s life and her problems and giving us something more than a fight scene. It’s the bits that worked best for me in the previous Trixie Biker tales. Hopefully, he’ll be back to work with the proper hand soon and we’ll get to see more of Jane as well as more of Trixie.

Trixie Biker: Right hand Down is available from Craig’s webstore.

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