Four from Toon Books – a magnificent debut from our youngest reviewers Katy (8) and Lucy (7)

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Here at the FPI blog we’re very keen on Toon Books; the graphic novel series designed for the youngest of readers. But I’m definitely not the target readership, no matter how much I try to think younger. And even when I get my 11 year-old Molly to review them I still feel she’s slightly too old.

But all the evidence at my primary school library shows that Toon Books are definitely doing something right – it’s rare that the examples we have in the library are on the shelves for very long, and they’ve been borrowed by every age group in the school – from the 6 year olds in Year 2, all the way through to the 10 & 11 year olds in Year 6.

But when the latest Toon Books release; Patrick in A Teddy Bear’s Picnic came through I really wanted to get the views of some children in the right age group. So we’re very pleased to welcome the very latest, and very youngest reviewers to the FPI blog. Two very clever young sisters: Katy (Age 8) and Lucy (Age 7).

I gave them Patrick, but also gave them a selection of other Toon Books, thinking it would be useful to get an idea of the series. I certainly didn’t expect them to come back with not just one review, but a spectacular four!

Ladies and gentlemen… Katy & Lucy:

Patrick in A Teddy Bear’s Picnic and Other Stories

By Geoffrey Hayes

Katy says:

In this book there are four stories. My favourite story is the one where Patrick goes to the shop for his mum to get cookies but Big Bear tries to steal his dollar and later his cookies.

The book, and the pictures, are very funny as well – and it was very funny when Patrick is naked after taking his wet clothes off! I really like the big picture on page 5, it’s a very nice start to the story.

Lucy says:

Patrick in A Teddy Bear’s Picnic has four stories in it. My favourite one was when Patrick went to the cookie store. In this story his mum asked him to go to the cookie store. On the way he bumps into Big Bear, who tries to steal his dollar, but Patrick escaped. On the way home Big Bear met Patrick again, but Patrick shouted ROAR! And Big Bear as scared.

Another funny story was Patrick being told to have a sleep by his mum but he didn’t snooze at all – but when he went outside to play he did snooze.

Luke On The Loose

By Harry Bliss

Lucy  says:

In this story Luke chases flappy pigeons all around the town crazily shouting YAAAAH! Eventually he climbs up onto a roof and falls asleep and snores loudly until the firemen come to rescue him and return him to his parents. I think this story is funny because Luke and the pigeons cause so much trouble – the best bit was when Luke and the pigeons flipped an ice-cream from the ice-cream seller onto someone’s head!

Katy says:

This book is about a little boy who goes off chasing pigeons in the park. He ends up sleeping on the roof!

It was very funny when the cat thought “I’ll never let my kittens chase pigeons” when she saw Luke and the Pigeons on the roof! The book is interesting when the fireman come to rescue him from the roof. I Liked the book very much and the picture were very good.

Benny And Penny in The Toy Breaker

By Geoffrey Hayes

Lucy says:

This story was about 3 mice; Benny, Penny and Bo. Every time Bo comes round to play he breaks most of Benny and Penny’s toys. This time he breaks a bat and a ball and Penny’s favourite toy – her cuddly monkey! When he breaks the bat and ball, the ball goes into Benny’s eye!

In the end Bo made a get well letter to Penny’s monkey and they all played together without any toys. I think this book was very good because they weren’t very sensible and they weren’t too naughty.

Katy says:

Benny & Penny in The Toybreaker is about a brother and sister becoming friends with their cousin Bo. The brother is called Benny and the younger sister is called Penny. Bo is “The Toy Breaker” – who always breaks Benny and Penny’s toys when he comes round to play. But they all become friends when Bo gets stuck in a fence and Benny and Penny help him.

I liked the part when they finally become friends and it is a happy ending. But I also thought it was funny when Bo hits the ball into Benny’s eye! The pictures were funny and they helped to tell the story.

Zig And Wiki in Something Ate My Homework

By Nadja Spiegelman and Trade Loeffler

Katy says:

This book is about two friends called Zig and Wikki. They are two strange creatures; aliens from outerspace.

Zig’s teacher wants him to bring in a pet for homework. So Zig and Wikki land their spaceship on Earth and they try to find one there. This means they look at lots of different animals.

I liked it when they got a ride on a lily pad by a frog and it was funny when Zig zapped Wikki instead of the raccoon. The book told you about some animals and the facts were very interesting. The pictures were great and funny.

Lucy says:

In this story Zig and Wikki were aliens who were looking for a pet. But Wikki got them lost in space and they went to planet Earth.

When they got to Earth, there were lots of animals to choose from; a fly landed on Ziggy’s chocolate bar – Zig tried to catch it with a net but catches Wikki instead. He also tried to catch a dragonfly, a frog and a raccoon. They tried to shrink the raccoon but they shrunk Wikki!

Katy made a very good point at the end of all of her reviews – “The pictures are very good – in fact, I couldn’t read the story without them!”

I think we can all agree that we’ve got two great new reviewers there! Thank you so much to Katy and Lucy for doing these for us, and we really can’t wait to see what you’ll review next!

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19 Responses to Four from Toon Books – a magnificent debut from our youngest reviewers Katy (8) and Lucy (7)

  1. Dan White says:

    Well done Katy and Lucy – those are great reviews! There’s a lot of great comics out there, so keep reading!

  2. Matt says:

    It’d be great to see Katy and Lucy turn their eye to the likes of the Tiny Titans!

  3. Adam Cadwell says:

    Great reviews! Thanks to you I’ll be looking out for the Zig and Wikki book!

  4. Very good reviewing. I wish I could cut to the essence of something as easily as the two young ladies do!

  5. Garen says:

    Super reviews! Having your book reviewed by the likes of Katy and Lucy can be a nerve-wracking experience for an author – but it’s probably the best kind of review you can have 🙂

  6. Paul says:

    Great reviews! I second Matt and Padraig, more reviews from these two stars in the making please!

  7. Jim Medway says:

    Well done, you’ve made me want to read these books! Wish I had a library nearby this good. your school is the best in the country!

  8. These sound like great books, I can’t wait to try giving them to my son. Great reviews – I’m very jealous of this school library!

    Also: frogs eat their own SKIN? I have learned something from these reviews! I have learned that frogs are GROSS.

  9. Andrew Waugh says:

    These reviews are excellent! I would be proud to have my work commented on by such smart cookies.

  10. Andy Waugh says:

    These reviews are excellent! I would be proud to have my work commented on by such smart cookies!

  11. Matt Badham says:

    Really enjoyed your reviews, girls.

    Keep writing them and I’ll keep reading!

    (Great idea ot have these comics reviewed by their intended target audience. Well done to the FPI blog for hosting them.)

  12. Doug says:

    I think Richard, Joe and Wim better up their game now that the next generation of FPI bloggers are snapping at their heels!

  13. Doug says:

    I think that Richard, Joe and Wim better up their game now that the next generation of FPI bloggers are snapping at their heels!

  14. wonderful reviews! would love to see what Katy and Lucy make of Solipsistic Pop 3 sometime

  15. Will Morris says:

    Great reviews, Patrick looks like the book for me, not sure how I’d handle Big Bear myself.

  16. Those are lovely books – thanks for the recommendations!

  17. Paul Cornell says:

    Excellent review work, clearly they have a future ahead of them in the industry. And the books look great.

  18. Andrew Salmond says:

    Great reviews! Hope we get to see some more in the future!

  19. Martin Stiff says:

    Thanks so much for these reviews. I have a four and a half year old little girl and I’m desperate to find some comics we can read together. These might just fit the bill!