Folio And Folia

Published On November 16, 2011 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Continental Correspondent

Some beautiful books are announced with great fanfare and cannot be missed, even if you wanted to.  Others arrive below the radar, and seem to be suddenly there, leaving you amazed at how you didn’t see them coming.

One such book is Folio Et Folia, which is scheduled for publication for October 13 by the French publisher of comics and children’s books, Des Ronds Dans L’O.  The book was created by Charles Masson, who previously won the Prix France Info for his Soupe Froide (Casterman), and is a wordless story of lost and regained love.  Folio and Folia are two leaves hanging from the same tree, who lose one another when fall comes.  The book follows one of them as it gets blown away, over fields and towns, across the seas and through the air until it ends up in the herbarium of a gentle collector.

The book is drawn in a very gentle, but not sugary-sweet style that clearly shows Masson’s experience with comic books.  The story is quite easy to follow and gets pretty exciting and suspenseful at times, without being scary.  And the fact that it is a completely wordless book, makes it ideal to introduce young readers to the language of comics.

Folio & Folia by Charles Masson.  Published by Des Ronds Dans L’O, 2011. 32 pages, 12,50 €. ISBN : 978-2-91-723723-6

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