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Published On September 15, 2011 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Okay…. week 1 of the new DC is over, we’re already hard at work reading through week 2. With all the reviewing going on around the new DC, we figured some form of handy review checklist / scorecard might be an idea. Or maybe just a series of quotes and links. All in all I think we were all fairly impressed with this first week of offerings. Sure there were a couple of clunkers, and a couple we couldn’t agree on, but generally we had a good time…..

Thanks to guest reviewers Andrea, James, Mark, Oli.

Justice League #1 by Geoff Johns & Jim Lee:

“…..Thus proving that Batman is a creepy stalker in all timelines”,
“this wasn’t the issue that makes you fall in love with the new DC universe but it was solid enough” (Andrea)

“I dreamt my wife had a penis last night.  I didn’t know what to do with it and she was left unsatisfied.  I also bought Justice League #1 the other day.  Loads of weird things have happened since I quite mid-week drinking” (Quote of the week from Oli East)

“it all boils down to a comic …. And it’s quite good really.” (James)

“as a slow burn, a gradual introduction this can’t help but feel like a fizzle when it should have been an explosion” (Richard)

Action Comics #1 by Grant Morrison and Rags Morales

“Seriously, if you’ve never felt the any interest in Superman before I’d strongly recommend giving this a go” (Mark)

“new, exciting and different with a character who I want to watch grow into the hero we know he will be” (Andrea)

“Crikey, it’s cracking good stuff” (James)

“It’s a brilliant start. I’d not read much of Morrison’s recent stuff …. Maybe he’s a love affair I’d neglected. But suddenly, there’s a spice back in the relationship.” (Richard)

Animal Man #1 by Jeff Lemire and Travel Foreman

This wont be a big, dull, action-fest, lots of fights with rent-a-villains comic (that’s Green Arrow), this is more homespun, where all the horror will come from inside his own family… starting with poor little Maxine who just wants a pet…. A cracking start. (Richard)

Batgirl #1 by Gail Simone, Ardian Syaf and Vicente Cifuentes. Cover by Adam Hughes

“I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this as much as I did, but Gail Simone does a great job of putting Barbara back in the costume” (Richard)

“Good, strong opening, with Barbara an engrossing combination of the determined, strong hero and the flawed, doubting human being. More, please” (Joe)

Batwing #1 by Judd Winick and Ben Oliver

“Batwing isn’t half bad. It does everything it needs too rather well” (Richard)

Detective Comics #1 by Tony Daniel and Ryan Wynn

“well paced piece of work with good, moody art highlighting the brutal nature of Gotham and the grim determination of the Batman” (Joe)

“This is gritty stuff. Daniel’s artwork is stunning” (James)

“…nice mix of Miller, Mazzuchelli, Sale, and Daniels. It’s not the best of the bat-books … But hey, it’s not a bad way to reintroduce Bats into this new 52.” (Richard)

Green Arrow #1 by J.T. Krul, Dan Jurgens and George Perez. Cover by Brett Booth

“This would be a bad, boring comic anytime, but as the first issue of this new series, the first sighting of Oli Queen in the new DC Universe, it’s awful” (Richard)

Hawk & Dove #1 by Sterling Gates and Rob Liefeld

“There’s actually quite a bit of story here, but it’s delivered without any style I’m afraid. And Rob Liefeld’s art is ….. by Rob Liefeld.” (Richard)

Justice League International #1 by Dan Jurgens and Aaron Lopresti

“Reading JLI #1 feels a bit like a reassuring hug from somebody familiar” (Mark)

“Light, but fun” (Richard)

Men Of War #1 by Van Brandon and Tom Derenick. Cover by Viktor Kalvachev (DC Link)

“….this story feels cleansed just a water board too far” (James)

“….instead of a really good, rounded story, we get one that promises a lot, and doesn’t quite deliver. But it’s just about got enough to tempt me into seeing more.” (Richard)

O.M.A.C. #1 by Dan DiDio, Keith Giffen and Scott Koblish

“…the 20 pages of O.M.A.C. are pretty much the best cosmic battle scene I’ve seen for a long, long time. ….Giffen is on such great form here channelling Kirby for the  for the modern day” (Richard)

Static Shock #1 by Scott McDaniel, John Rozum, Jonathan Glapton, LeBeau Underwood

“It’s got everything it needs – fast action, a fairly believable teen lead, personal life troubles no doubt, and lots of attitude” (Richard)

Stormwatch #1 by Paul Cornell and Miguel Sepulveda

“Authority meets Stormwatch meets DC, and that’s a pretty damn fine heritage going on there” (James)

“I think we probably won’t get the true measure of this one until the end of the first arc, but there’s plenty on show here to inspire me to pick up #2” (Mark)

“….it feels somewhat like a very good cover version of a favourite song” (Richard)

Swamp Thing #1 by Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette

“….sumptuous, Yanick Paquette manages to evoke so many moods, and harks back to the Swamp Thing of Totleben mixed in with some Kevin Nowlan for good measure.” (Richard)

“continuity issues aside this in no way detracts from a truly excellent read” (Andrea)

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