Darryl on the radio tonight

Published On May 24, 2011 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

Darryl Cunningham will be interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s All in the Mind programme which airs this evening at 9pm and is repeated tomorrow at 3.30pm, although of course you can use the indispensable iPlayer to catch it at any point after transmission for 7 days (how did we get by without the BBC iPlayer in Ye Olde Days? Seriously, can’t do without it…).And if you haven’t already then do we really need to remind you that you should be reading Darryl’s much-acclaimed Psychiatric Tales, which is one of the finest works – prose or graphical – which I read last year.

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One Response to Darryl on the radio tonight

  1. Well done Darryl taking a more ‘creative’ approach to mental health issues.
    Myself and Robin Williams have recently set up a Blog in Wales hoping to reduce stigma here and to question the treatment of people suffering mental distress that is – in my opinion still in the 19th.century and sadly not the 21st. here. Incidentaly I recently posted one of your cartoons so I want to acknowledge that.Thanks fro being ‘amusing’ about a difficult subject.
    Gill Brightmore