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Published On January 16, 2011 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

The latest issue came out this week with the nicest cover of the new run so far – introducing Jamie Smart’s Arena Of Awesome, which really is as simple as two characters having a fight. But when the characters are Kill-O-Bot and a giant Panda, and it’s by Jamie Smart then you know it’s going to be great, don’t you?

A couple of other little bits of Dandy news came out during the week…..

First up is the new strip Tag Team Tastic written by Robin Etherington and drawn by Warwick Jackson Cadwell. Lorenzo’s being greedy though. In addition to this new strip, and the previously announced Yore, he’s promising a third Etherington (either singular or plural) strip in The Dandy.

Of Tag Team Tastic Lorenzo has this to say:

“Warwick and I first met at a Bristol show a few years back when he humbly showed me his portfolio. Lorenzo and I see a LOT of work by upcoming amateur and professional artists but this was something else. Warwick was already an extremely successful illustrator but the guy just loved comics with all his heart and wanted to make some more – which was lucky really because so did I!”

“We now cannot wait to share the adventures of Huggles (the large fella) and Big Thumper (his blue-haired cohort) with you all.”

And Andy Fanton has something new coming up soon as well. Following the end of his George Vs The Dragon in a couple of weeks, he’s starting a revamp of a classic Dandy character:

“Anyhoo: this year will see the return of a classic Dandy character, given a new lease of life via my own two hands. Yes, ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls, The Dandy team have kindly let me run wild with one of their older characters, which is both a JOY and also SLIGHTLY TERRIFYING, in case you all think I’ve ruined said character and chase me out of the comic with flaming pitchforks. Who is it? That, alas, I cannot say right now, as I am sworn to secrecy on pain of DEATH (or at least a very firm telling-off)”

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