Contributors for second Lovecraft Anthology announced

Published On June 22, 2011 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

Editor Dan Lockwood, fresh from the success of the recently released and rather fine Lovecraft Anthology has been revealing the line up of writers and artists involved in the second volume, which is due next spring from SelfMadeHero. Yes, various many tentacled creatures have slithered forth through the jagged cracks in reality from their dark dimensions to inspire a number of creators – frankly I’m delighted at another Lovecraft book from SMH and Dan, but when I read some of the names involved I went from delight to sheer bliss. I mean look – Jamie Delano has written ‘Pickman’s Model’, collaborating with artist Steve Pugh, Simon Spurrier, Matt Timson, Ben Dickson and the mighty Mick McMahon are in there too, as are David Camus, Ben Templesmith, Brit comics godfather Pat Mills, Attila Futaki, Dwight Macpherson, Paul Peart-Smith, as well as the hosts of the H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast for ‘The Temple’ – adapted by Chris Lackey, with art by Ade Salmon – and ‘The Hound’, where Bryan Baugh illustrates Chad Fifer’s script. Dan himself is adapting ‘The Statement of Randolph Carter’, which will feature art from another solid fave of ours, Warwick Johnson Cadwell. I mean bloody hell, come on – Pat Mills, Ben Templesmith, Jamie Delano, Mick McMahon, that man Cadwell and the rest…

Heck, that’s got to be worth a few shekels out the pockets of any discerning comics reader, right? And the Lovecraftian aspect is almost a bonus on top of that roster of talent. Expect to see this hit our monthly FPI’s Most Wanted list of upcoming graphic novels the blog team want to read in the near future… On a related note, you can read Dan’s picks for his Best of the Year here on the blog, good chum and contributor to the blog Matt Badham interviewed a slew of the talent involved in the first Lovecraft Anthology here. Expect to hear more on this later in the year (yes, Dan, that does mean we’ll be bugging you for hints and teasers and glimpses of Things We Cannot Possibly Comprehend)

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