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When I last wrote about Comic Football, a new subscription only comic from Pete Wildrianne and Clive Ward I had this to say:

“Comic Football’s plan to distribute via local football clubs is an interesting one. The plan is to distribute wholesale to the clubs, who can then sell the comic, and the profit goes back into the club. Nice idea.

The comic itself looks pretty good, very much a cross between Beano/Dandy and Viz in style, but keeping very kid friendly in content. Fourteen strips in all, plus features, competitions and the usual goodies. We’ll get some copies in for the comic library at school and hopefully let you know what the target audience thinks of it.”

And the good people at Comic Football sent us a bundle of the comic which I passed onto some of our very keen, very helpful Year 5 pupils (age 9-10). Here’s what they thought….


Comic Football is the funniest comic that I have ever read! I liked the “Ask The Ref” comic strip especially the part where the ref couldn’t tell which card was yellow and which was red. I also liked “Football Mad Dad” when the dad gets scared of the big, strong PE teacher.


Comic Football is a very good comic. The first strip is a very good start, with a cliffhanger! The second strip “On The Bench” is very funny because a footballer thinks he finally might get a match but in the end all he gets is the chance to get the manager a cup of coffee!


I think Comic Football is amazing! But I don’t get the comic strip “One Day“. (Ed note – it’s the one where Robbie Savage walks on water – and unless the readers are Derby fans or have long memories I can see why it may be a problem!)

Also there’s a mistake on the European country wordsearch; Romania is spelt correctly in the wordsearch but as “Romaina” in the word list (Ed again – how good at spelling are our children! House point to Cei for that one!).

Other than that I think it’s really, really funny. It’s great that there are lots of activities in the comic so that the reader will get stuck into it. I think everyone that gets this comic will like it.

My personal favourite is the strip “The Fanshaws” – it’s hilarious when the neighbour gets so fed up with the noise of the Fanshaws’ cheering that he cuts their TV cable. And even more hilarious when the man’s wife lets the Fanshaws watch the match on their big TV.


Comic Football is a good comic. But there was a mistake in the word search where Romania was spelt wrong (Ed – another house point there!). And I didn’t understand the strip when “Savage” walked on water and picked the ball up. I liked the strip “The Fanshaws” best and thought it was really funny when the old man’s wife invites them round to finish watching the match after the old man had cut their TV cable to stop them being really loud! Over all it’s a good comic.


I thought it was funny, but I didn’t think it was that exciting. I liked the “Young Guns” strip but want to know the ending – but the other more cartoony strips weren’t as good. I don’t think if I saw it in the shops or my football club I would buy it.


I think that the Comic football magazine was brilliant because it was entertaining and full of facts and fun. There were some facts in there I didn’t know about football before but I do know! I’d like to say thanks very much for sending us the comic book.


I really enjoyed the football comics because they were short and quite a few were really funny. I also liked all the pages of facts about the game, and the quizzes, puzzles and thought putting all the answers to the quizes on a noticeboard for us was great.

My favourite strip was the very last one; “You’re Not Singing Anymore!” – it was really funny. I would probably read the next issue.


I like this comic and think there is a lot of good humour inside waiting to be laughed at. I think the idea of letting village football teams buy them at a reduced price and selling them on to players and parents to make some money is a very good idea.

My favourite comic strip is “Young Guns” and my favourite character is “Junior Ref Julie“. The authors and illustrators are very talented and should be proud of themselves and I think their families will be too!


This comic is brilliant! I especially enjoyed “On The Bench” because nobody knew what was happening until at tthe end – “another cup of coffee”. I would definitely get the next issue of Comic Football and would recommend it to all my friends.

And there we are. Overall, I think we can definitely say it’s a hit! Thank you to Year 5 for their time and reviews. All stars! And thanks very much to the people at Comic Football for sending the comic over.

Details on ordering the comic, either a personal subscription or for a team, plus the free download or print copy of the free issue are at their website. A six issue, six month subscription costs £9.99, or go for 12 months for £19.50.

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