Chloe Noonan 3 – Still no powers. Still great.

Published On January 31, 2011 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Chloe Noonan Issue 3

by Marc Ellerby

Oh, it’s about bloody time. Issue 2 was back in 2009.

Granted, it’s not Ellerby’s fault. This issue was meant to be out in time for Thought Bubble in November 2010, but as a very obviously disappointed and pissed off Marc told me then – his printer had screwed up the reproduction and his finished comic was a mess.

It’s a pity, because if it had made it out in November it would easily have made my best of year list. And now I do have Noonan Issue 3 in my hands I can tell you it’s every bit as good as before. Hell, no. It’s better. It really, really is – Fun, funny, stupid, brilliantly drawn, fun (so fun it needed mentioning twice).

I’ve gone on (at length) about Ellerby before – whether it’s his autobiog strip Ellerbisms (see here), previous issues of Chloe Noonan (Issue 1, Issue 2) or his Noonan strips in Solipsistic Pop #2 and on the cover of Solipsistic Pop #3). So,yes, I do rather like the comic. I do like the comic a lot. Here’s a little of what I said then:

Issue 1: “15 pages of the best fun you may have all year”

Issue 2: “….a guaranteed to put a smile on your face comic, full of great gags, wonderful artwork, well observed moments and some great tongue in cheek kick arse monster hunting action”

Solipsistic Pop Issue 2: “…..rendered in Ellerby’s lovely line with added blue tones giving it a stylish and fresh look. Funny as all hell as well”

For those who don’t know the Noonan…. she’s a teenage monster hunter with more adolescent problems than she has super-powers. And yes, you could say Buffy meets Scott Pilgrim, and I’m sure Ellerby’s sick of me short-handing his work like that by now. But even taking those two touchstones, this still manages to be funny as hell and has a life of it’s own. Want more? Here’s the cast, conveniently drawn by Ellerby on the inside front cover to issue 3:

(The cast of Chloe Noonan. I smile every time I read the “Freudian Repercussions”. From Chloe Noonan Issue 3 by Marc Ellerby)

Issue 3 is more of the same, just better and bigger than ever. Sure, it’s a bit of a cheat in one way – as the first of the three short stories here in this 36 page comic has already been published and enjoyed in Solipsistic Pop 2. But hell, at this point it’s like seeing a dear old friend you haven’t seen for a while – lovely to catch up, great to see them again, and wonderful to find out they’re just as funny as when you saw them last.

Story One: Chloe visits an art school “private view slash book launch“, spends five pages moaning her way through it and then has a fight off panel right at the end with a magical creature in a cheerleaders outfit that her mate Zoe just spilt her drink over (yes, just like in Gremlins).

Like I said, she might be a monster hunter, but by god, she’s a really crap one with far more important things to be doing – moaning, bitching and sleeping for three.

Stories two and three are brand new to me though. And story two in particular had me practically giggling with stupid joy all the way through it as Noonan’s band plays a really crap gig and manages to summon a Kraken from under the dancefloor.

In typically Noonan style, the Kraken gets bored into submission with her whinging. Again, Buffy has nothing on this girl’s unique brand of monster fighting.

(Chloe’s inter-personal skills are not her strong point. And for that matter neither are her monster hunting skills. From Chloe Noonan Issue 3 by Marc Ellerby)

Story three: Moomins Mewmins are pestering Noonan’s best pals in a playground. Noonan, meanwhile, is asleep. Will she get there in time? (no), will she single-handedly defeat them? (no), will she get her arse kicked and ruin the Mewmin’s night out with her pathetic-ness? (oh, yes).

(How to piss off Moomin-chav. From Chloe Noonan Issue 3 by Marc Ellerby)

Chloe Noonan Issue 3 is about as much fun as I can imagine it’s possible to get from 36 pages of comics. Ellerby’s storytelling is top-notch, his comedy timing even better – I haven’t shown you that much of Chloe’s interaction with her friends and bandmates here, but the dialogue just scampers along, full of pithy put-downs and drop-dead sarcasm. It’s just a joy to read stuff that’s this much fun.

And Ellerby’s art is almost too easy on the eye for words. You dive through the stories and sometimes miss all the lovely touches that brighten every page. Ellerby’s figures are cartoonish yet ever so real, his facial expressions tell more than a thousand words could ever manage. It’s a delight to read and a delight to look at.

Go and buy his comics. Even better, pester him to get his arse in gear for the book he mentions on his website. God almighty, I hope it’s a Noonan book.

You can buy Chloe Noonan Issue 3 from Ellerby’s shop here.

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  1. Marc Ellerby says:

    Thanks again for the positive, warming review, Richard. I was thinking the other day how FPI seems to be one of the few UK blogs that makes a point to review and promote British indie stuff.

    And a book? Well that’s not up to me 😉