Build A Beach Head – an Understanding Comics response from long, long ago….

Published On September 17, 2011 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, General

Children…. there was a time when you could publish something and never, ever hear anything about it ever again. Even things much talked about and revered at the time, because they were in print, tended to become unavailable eventually, with their importance related directly to the number of people remembering and sharing the work.

Then the Internet came along. And suddenly everything changed, and anything no matter how obscure, is there somewhere, a Google search away.

A recent post on The Comics Journal site pointed out that Ben Towle has posted James Sturm and Art Baxter’s response to Scott Mccloud’s Understanding Comics that originally ran in The Comics Journal 211 (1999). Well worth a read for the alternative take on McCloud’s work, and make sure you read the notes from Sturm and Baxter. The whole thing is at the link, but here’s page 1:

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