Brought To Light getting a reissue….

Published On September 24, 2011 | By Joe Gordon | Animation, Comics

Thanks to Padraig for flagging this one up…. it seems the Alan Moore written, Bill Sienkievicz drawn Brought To Light is on its way to getting a reissue. Sienkievicz has posted up a couple of before and after shots of the artwork on his Facebook page

Originally released by Eclipse Comics in 1988, Alan Moore and Bill Sienkievicz’s Shadowplay: The Secret Team was just half of Brought To Light. The book was a political flipbook, the other side being Flashpoint; The La Penca Bombing, adapted by Joyce Brabner and Tom Yeates. Both stories dealt with the lawsuits filed at the time by the Christic Institute lawfirm against the US government.

Whilst La Penca is a tight documentary adaptation of just one event and the surrounding history, Shadowplay is far broader and looser in scope. Taking place in a seedy bar, we’re the innocent bystander being pestered by a grotesque American Eagle, documenting the secret history of the CIA through the years. It’s dark, evocative, imaginary stuff.

Hopefully this re-release will give the book the treatment it deserves. It certainly looks like it from those pages.

It was later adapted into a spoken word CD performance by Moore, with music by Gary Lloyd in 1998. There’s a few parts of it up on You Tube, but really, it would be great to have that re-released along with the graphic novel.

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