Brendan McCarthy’s unused Grant Morrison script for Doom Patrol….

Published On April 16, 2011 | By Richard Bruton | Animation, Comics

…. and he’s doodled all over it:

From the FuckyeahGrantMorrison Tumblr. Originally published on The Strangeness Of Brendan McCarthy fansite where Brenden had this to say:

“I found this DOOM PATROL script the other day that I had doodled all over, from Grant Morrison… It was an episode that Grant wrote for me to draw back in 1991/92 or thereabouts: I asked for an old style DC ‘imaginary story’ with Danny The Street as the central character. But by the time the script turned up, I had to do a film so I couldn’t draw it and I think eventually, we all sorta forgot about it… It would be fun to draw it up after all these years and release it as a VERTIGO ANOMALY one shot.”

Yes, that would be bloody brilliant. Draw it Brendan, draw it!

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