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Published On October 5, 2011 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

(new Dredd cover art by the great Brian Bolland, Dredd (c) Rebellion)

Tom at Comic Reporter brings us news that will make a huge slew of comics readers, most especially those of us who have grown up with The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, very, very happy – the brilliant Brian Bolland has begun blogging. It seems the equally brilliant Mick McMahon, who has his own blog that you should have bookmarked by now, persuaded Brian to try it and Brian is teaching himself to blog and ‘learning in public’.

I’m delighted Mick persuaded Brian to start posting on a blog – Brian, and indeed Mick too, was one of the first artists to really make an impact on me as a very young comics reader. Back in the day most British comics rarely mentioned the writer or artist and as a kid I think, like a lot of kids, I vaguely knew people made these comics but it hadn’t really occured to me that it was an actual job, much less that there were different styles and artistic flourishes to take in. Thankfully 2000 AD did name the creators and so around 9 or 10 years of age I really started to take note of their names and notice the differences in styles (and 2000 AD being an anthology you had other creators to contrast against, which helped). It was the beginning of my young self seeing comics as not just a fun form of storytelling but as a form of art I could appreciate and, looking back, I suppose it helped to set me on the path to editing the FP blog today and appreciating the medium in the way I do (what a time to be a young comics reader – Bolland, McMahon, Bellardinelli, Gibson, O’Neill and more on a regular basis, all soaking into an impressionable young mind every week – wonderful).

Brian’s work, for me (and many others), stood out so strongly, with those bold, clear lines and details, even among some of the huge talents that 2000 AD threw at us every week in those late 70s and early 80s days. And it still does. Even when working on our webstore I can find myself sorting out the new DC pre-orders, spot a Bolland cover on one of the books and I still have to stop and admire it. I still hugely admire and enjoy Brian’s art and, as I said, he also holds a special place in my reading heart not just for the consistent high quality of his work but for being one of those first, distinctive artists who made me think about and appreciate comics differently, and that’s something that influences my reading of every comic even all these years later as an adult. And I’m betting right now there are piles of you out there who could say the same. Bookmark now. (thanks to Matt B who spotted it first)

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