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Published On October 2, 2011 | By Richard Bruton | Animation, Art For Art's Sake, Comics

Comics on the Internet… lots of pretty pictures….

Shaky Kane:

The latest from Phil Noto‘s imaginary Hank Pym Archives…. The FF waiting to be brought out as part of a UN presentation.

… and this lovely mockup of a Life cover:

Batman and Robin by Vasilis Lolos. Via Superpunch

Things you never get tired of seeing…. Bissette Swamp Thing:

Templesmith does Kirby’s Etrigan (Via Aw Yeah Comics):

And whilst we’re on Aw Yeah Comics, here’s a Jeff Lemire Doom Patrol:

John McCrea’s been doing a few of these Batman villains over on his Facebook, just for fun:

Haven’t been linking much to Coimic Twart recently… here’s Declan Shalvey’s cracking Batman to make up for that:

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