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Published On May 8, 2011 | By Richard Bruton | Animation, Art For Art's Sake, Comics

Once upon a time someone wanted somewhere for people to waste hours and hours and hours of their precious lives. The invented something called The Internet. Within hours it seemed to be full of stuff. And although 80% of it seems to be porn, the other 20% is pretty useful. Thing is there’s an awful lot of it. Luckily, we spend our time rooting out some of the nicer looking things on offer..

Here we go again……..

Gahan Wilson draws Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo (Via Fantagraphics Blog):

Roger Langridge redoes the Chris Samnee cover to Thor The Mighty Avenger #6 for the charity auction at North Carolina’s HeroesCon. Nice to Langridge’s artwork on the series he wrote, a series sadly no longer with us:

Here’s a detail from Crazy Fox Machine‘s Judge Anderson (Via 2000AD Online Tumblr). And I just loved the accompanying text:

My Judge Anderson. She’ll be showing up in a comic I’m doing later in the year – and she’s NOT big-titted, pout-faced or youthfully bimboesque. She’s shakily drawn and not very interesting.

Seriously – 2000ad is not a conventional comic, Judge Dredd is not a conventional universe – I hate it when characters just become boring tropes. AND HOW THE FUCK DO NIPPLES POKE THROUGH LEATHER – THEY JUST WOULDN’T

And, just in case you think that’s an over-reaction –  on the subject of nipples poking through leather with Judge Anderson: Boo Cook’s artwork from Judge Anderson The Trip – Megazine 309, via 2000AD Online Tumblr:

The many faces (and chins) of Dredd – many, many artists. (Via 2000AD Online Tumblr again):

Lovely Superman by Daniela Volpari (Via F-Yeah Grant Morrison):

And more Supes …. going up up and away from the USA it seems. Art by Francis Manapul, via Little Yellow Boxes Tumblr:

Alan Moore by Gilbert Hernandez – from an ’88 Comics Interview article. Via Fantagraphics Blog, who got it from Moment Of Moore tumblr:

George Petty from the Grant Bridge Street Tumblr. Love the caption for this one, so true: “the picture Howard Chaykin’s been trying to paint all his life…”:

Ben Templesmith‘s Hunter S. Thompson. Have we done this before? I’m beginning to lose track. I blame the medication. Whatever, it’s still a bit lovely (Via Warren Ellis):

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3 Responses to Art For Art’s Sake….

  1. Joe says:

    some fab stuff here, as ever, mate, especially love the Hunter S and the Dredd heads stirs instant 2000 AD nostalgia in me

    Jennifer Aniston in Friends like nipple protrusions aside though, I have to admit I love Boo’s Judge Anderson

  2. dave baillie says:

    Great post, Richard!
    I’m looking forward to whatever Crazy Fox Machine is working on.
    (Even though I felt really daft typing that)

  3. :O Shocked as hell to be featured on here, cheers FP! Although you made sitting opposite Mr Cook at the Bristol convention incredibly awkward. I kept wondering if he’d come up and draw some nipples on my face.