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Published On March 20, 2011 | By Richard Bruton | Animation, Comics

Here we go again….. pretty artwork from Internet this week:

Joe List art from Paper Science 4 – see here for details – sent via email from Matt Sheret: Joe List sent in some preview snippets though (attached). No indication yet what his comic will be about, but anything with multiple moons in is alright by us.”

Lucy Kinsey‘s Comic Alphabet (Via Wim)

Andi Watson’s Live Journal – a constant source of pleasing artwork, sketches, warmups and more.

Part of a series of really nice sketchbook posts from Sean Azzopardi recently.

Some great published and unpublished Dave Bullock art via Comics Alliance.

Via Mark, a lovely bit of Simon Bisley for the cover of Hellblazer 280. Like Mark points out, it’s too easy to write Bisley off as having a very set style. But he’s capable of some very nice, far more restrained pieces. This one just smoulders and drips with threat and blood.

Francesca Francavilla is always worth a mention – some of his stuff is almost too beautiful to look at. This Batman 1935 artwork from Pulp Sunday Blog is something he’s teasing as just a side project, a mess-around. But then he goes and mentions volume 2 of Wednesday Comics. A possible job? Wishful thinking? I don’t know, but it looks fantastic and would fit the Wednesday Comics format quite magnificently. Alison Sampson at Space In Text has collected some together plus some more lovely stuff – including this gorgeous Detective Comics 585 pencil page from Francavilla’s site:

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4 Responses to Art For Art’s Sake

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  2. John Allison says:

    The Joe List link doesn’t go anywhere, his site is and his work is grand!

  3. Joe says:

    The Batman 1935 is just gorgeous, now I want to see a whole comic of it.