Ahhhh Distro…. taking the comic stall on the road with Gareth and Julia…

Published On September 17, 2011 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Conventions and events

Gareth Brookes and Julia Homersham have come up with a cunning plan….

“There are many reasons to start a distro, in my case it was because I’d thought of a really good pun. And so Julia and I took Ahhh Distro (get it?) on the road, first to the Port Elliot Festival and a few weeks later to the West Dean Festival . Our plan was to make a bit of cash for some of our favourite artists, plus get rid of some of our still rather massive pile of Comix Readers.”

Gareth’s verdict of their trip…

“We had a lovely time, and I’m glad to report that our stack of Comix Readers is greatly reduced. Most importantly we learned a lot about selling stuff at festivals and next year I reckon we’re ready to tackle some big ones!”

Julia also invented “the board”, as described by Ellen Lindner:

“We walked that board all over the festival. Unlike my prior experiences of selling comics on the street, where I felt that myself and my audience were, urm, not communicating (I often got the feeling that they thought I was some kind of religious fanatic) the Board made things very simple and clear. We are selling a self-published comic called The Comix Reader. It costs one pound. If you’d like one, we are here to serve. As the Brits say, end of.”

There’s a nice little video of the board at Lindner’s site.

So expect to see that comix and zine stall next year on TV coverage of a major festival near you! Thinking about it, I’m surprised no-ones done something like this before. I know some comic makers have done craft-type fayres before, but with more and more boutique festivals springing up, many with their own set of very crafty, homemade stalls, this might be a good idea. They certainly look like they had fun anyway.

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