Will Kirkby’s Rogue Trooper….

Published On April 18, 2010 | By Richard Bruton | Animation, Comics

Will Kirkby, who I first came across (and loved) in the great Birdsong anthology (reviewed here) announces on his Live Journal that he’s putting together a 2000AD fanzine. That’s his Rogue Trooper above and there’s plans for others to join in:

Also I’m working on a little Rogue Trooper Comic to go in a cheap (to be handed out free at cons) 2000ad fanzine I’m going to be putting together with a little help from some friends. So far I’ve got Rogue, naniiebim has been forced to draw a tharg/Durham Red cross-over, fueledbytea is thinking about some Judge Death awesomeness and Warwick was thinking about doing ABC Warriors. If you want to join in just let me know! The finished book will be cheaply photocopied like good old fanzines from the eighties and to be handed out for free since we don’t own the rights…

So if you do fancy getting involved head over to his Live Journal. Looks like fun. (Thanks to Matt Badham for the heads up)

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  1. This isn’t that far off from the line-up I’ll be using anyway once I get the Tharg job.