We’ve got the Fever… The fabulous art of Brendan McCarthy

Published On March 30, 2010 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

We’ve mentioned several times here in recent weeks how stoked we all are at seeing Brendan McCarthy‘s fab artwork gracing the pages of Marvel and judging by the posts on various comics sites and Twitter so are a lot of other readers. Well Brendan has kindly taken time out from his sojourn in LA (where he denies trying to add LSD agents into Hollywood’s drinking water) to share some more art with us, such as Doctor America,”a mash up of Dr Strange and Captain America, created with writer Matt Fraction” which we should see soon – isn’t there a wee hint of Dardevil in there too?

(The Cap reworked as a magical, cosmic figure; great art & cracking colouring work with something of a 60s flavour to it, an era of Marvel I know Brendan admires – as do most of us; art by Brendan, (c) Marvel)

and here’s an earlier version of a page from Spider-Man: Fever #1, which will be out next month :

(for some reason i’m looking at this but thinking of Jon Pertwee’s final Doctor Who – could you imagine Brendan reworking the Giant Spiders from Metebelis III? Spider-Man: Fever, art by Brendan, (c) Marvel, first issue due in April)

And here’s a glimpse of a new project Brendan is working on, Frankie Fool – I don’t know anymore details about it at this stage,  sure Bren will tell us a bit further down the line – but hey, it’s new work from Brendan so you know you are going to want to read it!

(art from Frankie Fool, a work in progress by and (c) Brendan McCarthy – many thanks to Bren for letting us share these with you)

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