Uncollected no more – the return of Fish Police

Published On December 5, 2010 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Lost Works

(Fish Police 1 & 2 from Fishwrap 1985. Images grabbed from Comic Vine)

Ignore the frankly terrible animated series – Steve Moncuse’s Fish Police is a comic I used to adore. I picked it up when Steve Moncuse self published it through Fishwrap, I picked it up when Comico published the one shots and the series. I even picked up the Marvel series that reprinted the original in colour.

So for nearly a decade (’85-’93) I enjoyed the underwater adventures of Inspector Gill – a fish out of water working the mean streets populated by every creature that ever swam under the seas. Except Inspector Gill wakes up at the start of the series and seems to think he should be a human. What’s he doing there? where have his legs gone? And most importantly why couldn’t I get hold of it anymore?

I can’t help you with the first two questions, but miracle of miracles –┬áthere it is – December 2010 previews – coming out in February from IDW:

There’s almost part of me that’s terrified of picking this one up – will it live up to the memories? Only one way to tell of course….

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