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Published On July 2, 2010 | By Joe Gordon | Books, Comics

I hadn’t heard of the Page 100 Project until Kenny pointed me to this link from Joe Decie’s excellent What I Drew blog (which is well worth a browse) – according to Joe the idea comes from Jason Turner and involves picking a book, turning to page 100 and drawing a short comic based on the resulting page. Quite an interesting idea – I’ve seen slightly similar ideas before where people go on twitter, pick up the book nearest to where they are sitting (you don’t pick one specifically, just whatever is nearest at the time) and then quote the nth line down on the nth page, but I’d not heard of folks doing something similar but adapting the page into a comic, pretty cool idea actually, must have a look through and see what else it has thrown up onto the comics/literature mash-up landscape.

(Joe Decie’s version of the Page 100 Project, taken from Charles Bukowski’s Women, art by and (c) Joe Decie, pinched shamelessly from his site What I Drew)

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