The Best Of 2009 Masterlist….. FPI style

Published On January 17, 2010 | By Richard Bruton | Best of the Year 2009, Comics

I thought it would be interesting to tot up the various Best Of Year posts we’ve had from people this year. We had a total of 27 people respond who managed to pick (by my reckoning) 100 different titles as their best of year selection.

Now, before you start thinking this is some serious piece of analysis I should point out all of the ways we all managed to conspire to make this nothing more than an interesting list of different titles rather than some kind of “Best Of The Best”:

  1. Completely unfairly I’ve picked everything people mentioned (which automatically messes up the scientific basis of this since quite a few of us; Joe and myself included completely ignored the three comics rule.
  2. I’ve also included things that people mentioned in passing in a “If I had more choices I’d have picked this” fashion – even lovely Mark Kardwell managed to sneak two extra in with the phrase: said “I’m sure most people will be including Darwyn Cooke’s Parker and David Mazzucchelli’s Asterios Polyp, so I won’t. Kind of.

So bearing in mind how wonderfully error strewn this is and how it stands up to rigorous statistical and mathematical analysis about as well as Conservative budgetary policy for 2010/2011 stands up to the use of a calculator and common sense – let’s go:

Top of the pile with an amazing 7 votes: David Mazzucchelli’s Asterios Polyp. What? You expected anything else?


In second place with an impressive 4 votes: Parker The Hunter by Darwyn Cooke:


After that we had ten books on two votes each……

GN8079 Chloe Noonan monster hunter Marc Ellerby cradlegrave

GN9473 GN8604 GN6783

GN8694Phonogram Singles Club issue 1 FPI blog GN7223 WHTTWFM-cover

And after that we have an awful lot of single choices (88 by my reckoning), far too many to list here. But I will put a complete list in the comments for you to peruse.

Personally I think it’s both fascinating and refreshing that people chose such a varied and disparate list of books this year. Obviously it’s a completely unscientific and hideously flawed set of data and there’s no way I should make staggeringly inaccurate generalisations from it………. but, two things I take from it is how much amazing stuff there is available to us now and how very varied the readership of the FPI blog is if these respondents are anything to go by. Long may both continue.

compleely unfairly I’ve picked everything people mentioned (which automatically messes up the scientific basis of this since at least three of us; Joe and myself included ignored the three comics rule)

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One Response to The Best Of 2009 Masterlist….. FPI style

  1. Richard says:

    Okay… here’s the complete list:

    20th Century Boys
    A Drifting Life
    Absolute Death
    Ademoiselle Else
    All Knowledge is Strange
    Art of Tony Millionaire
    Asterios Polyp (7 votes)
    Bad Machinery
    Batman and Robin
    Blazing Combat HC
    Bloom County
    Book Of Lists
    Breccia Negro Version 2.0
    Burma Chronicles
    Cash I See a Darkness (2 votes)
    Captain Britain Omnibus
    Chloe Noonan (2 votes)
    Cinque Allegri Ragazzi Morti
    Comic Book Tattoo
    Coup De Foudre 1 : La complainte du taureau-vache
    Cradlegrave (2 votes)
    Criminal Omnibus
    Dans Mes Yeux
    Dear David Lasky
    Ergens Waar je Niet Wil Zijn (Brecht Evens, Oogachtend)
    Essex County
    Fantastic Four (Millar & Hitch run)
    Fool’s Errand
    Footnotes From Gaza
    George Sprott (2 votes)
    Greek Street
    Harker (2 votes)
    Hellboy: The Wild Hunt
    How To Date A Girl In 10 Days
    Kick ass
    L’Integrale Gil Jourdan 1 & 2
    largo Winch
    Le Groom En Vert-de-Gris
    Lilly MacKenzie
    League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 1 (2 votes)
    Lost Girls
    Luke On The Loose
    Melvin Monster
    Mo-Bot High
    Morris The Mankiest Monster (2 votes)
    Necessary Monsters
    New Orleans After The Deluge
    Night Business’ Issues 1 &2
    Parker (4 votes)
    Paul Crystal, Graphic Designer
    Phonogram (2 votes)
    Photographer (2 votes)
    Prison Pit
    Proper Go Well High
    Psychiatric Tales
    Rainbow Orchid
    Scott Pilgrim
    Second Thoughts
    Secret Six
    Sherlock Holmes: The Trial Of Sherlock Holmes
    Strangers In Paradise Omnibus
    Solipsistic Pop
    Tales From Outer Suburbia
    Ten Thousand Things To Do 1-6
    The ‘Nam Volume 1 TPB
    The Boys
    The Nobody
    Thimble Theatre Starring Popeye
    Three Shadows
    Toon Treasury
    Trese: Mass Murders
    Uncanny X-Men
    Walking Dead
    Whatever Happened To The World’s Fastest Man?
    Will Eisner’s The Spirit Archives Volume 26 and Volume 27
    Year Of The Elephant
    Zodiac by Joe Casey and Nathan Fox