Still Krazy after all these years….

Published On August 6, 2010 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

Oh. Oh yes. Oh yes, yes, yes… Herriman’s wonderful Krazy and Ignatz, facsimile style reproduction of original, unpublished sketches he’d use before finalising his strips, in a big, beautiful hardback, and it’s from Fantagraphics so you know it’s going to be given the love and attention to detail and quality it deserves. Pricey? Oh yes, but beautiful? Without a doubt.

(cover to Krazy & Ignatz Sketchbook Strips 1910 – 1913 by the great George Herriman, to be published this winter by the lovely people at Fantagraphics. I think this just went right into the Wish List of a whole lot of us...)


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One Response to Still Krazy after all these years….

  1. Mike Baehr says:

    Thanks for featuring this book! By the way, that’s just a temporary cover that was comped up for our solicitation catalog. The final cover will likely look much different.