Spandex issue 2 – you can never have too many pink ninjas….

Published On June 2, 2010 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Spandex #2

by Martin Eden

Well, this was an unexpected pleasure – last time I had a look at Spandex issue 1 (review here) Martin Eden was saying that the first issue was merely a teaser for the graphic novel he was working on. But the success of that first issue meant he just couldn’t stop himself putting out the series as individual comics – which means we get more wonderful sexy soap opera superhero action – and we’re loving it.

Spandex #2 continues in exactly the same vein as #1 – it’s a wonderfully colourful, hugely entertaining, slice of superheroes covering every sexuality and doing it with wit, style and just a hint of cattiness, all wrapped up in Eden’s stylish thin lined artwork, eye-popping, lush colours and great sense of design. It’s a visual breath of fresh air in a world of rather dark comics. But you can tell all that just from that gorgeous cover can’t you?

(There you go, a great recap on issue 1 and a perfect page for showing you just how colourful and just damn stylish Martin Eden’s work in Spandex issue 2 is.)

This time round we rejoin Prowler, Diva, Indigo, Liberty, Glitter and Butch; our team of multi-coloured heroes a month after the assassination of Mr Muscles, meaning grief and recriminations are the order of the day. But for one member of the team it’s losing the yellow of Mr Muscles’ costume that matters the most – something Eden is obviously planning on returning to in later issues.

The team soon find themselves busy dealing with a break in at Buckingham Palace that ends up taking them all the way to Japan in search of the mysterious (yellow) ninja involved and a showdown with lots and lots and lots of those brilliantly pink ninjas. There’s ninja action galore, unexpected stirrings, the return of Les Girlz and at least one member of the team manipulating things for their own ends.

(Pink Ninjas. That’s just so Spandex. From Spandex issue 2, by Martin Eden)

Just like the first issue there’s equal amounts of sexually charged shenanigans and good old fashioned superhero action, but Eden’s starting to set-up plots for future issues with teasing glimpses into the ever-so complicated lives and loves of the Spandex crew. And it’s the combination of the soap opera elements, the outrageously sexy cast and the good old fashioned superheroics that makes Spandex such a great comic well worth all of the attention it’s been getting.

(For those of us who like a nice bit of dialogue, some soap opera worthy relationship plots and a good dose of liberal and very tongue in cheek sexiness – Spandex ticks every box. From Spandex issue 2 by Martin Eden)

Eden’s promising at least two technicolour issues a year – lets all do our bit, buy the comic and encourage him to aim for three!

Matthew Badham interviewed Eden right here on the FPI blog back in 2008 – with details of Spandex and Eden’s other long running comic The O-Men, which is available at Eden’s Mye Book completely free. Or you could drop by Eden’s online haunts; O-Men websiteSpandex website and a Facebook page for Spandex amongst others. You can pick up copies of Spandex issues 1 & 2 in physical form for £3.50 (issue 1), £3.20 (issue 2) or a £1 pdf download from the Spandex Shop.

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