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Published On July 7, 2010 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

We’ve flirted a little with small press comics in a few of our shops and truthfully it hasn’t quite worked out as we’d like. They got stuck in corners, people forgot to invoice us, parcels got lost (or sometimes arrived and got left downstairs), we took ages to pay people (sometimes because they hadn’t invoiced us) – we didn’t really treat the whole thing as we should. All in all, a muddle. Anyhow, I really want to continue with this and in fact expand it but we are going to do it a different way from now on and, for now, in a limited number of stores.

(a scene from the opening of Ken Dahl’s Monsters, by and (c) Ken Dahl)

We are building special racks for small press/self published works and putting them in Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham, World’s Apart in Liverpool and Forbidden Planet Manchester. They are large racks – 2000 x 600 roughly and should hold a lot of comics. I’ve bought a lot of small press from the US to support this and we have books by over 100 authors coming – so if you stick your work in you will now be in some very good company. We’ve got stuff like Frank Santoro’s Cold Light, Monsters by Ken Dahl, Jonathan Adams’ great Truth Serum, Tom Neely’s mad Henry & Glenn Forever and work by loads of other cartoonists including Erika Moen, Colleen Frakes, Brendan Leach, Blaise Larmee and many more. If you’re an UK cartoonist the good news is we are going to stock your books for you FREE. This is an idea I think stolen from the good people at Orbital Comics in London and it just seems simpler than us worrying about stock levels and profitability etc.,  so we are going to let you be in control.

(L.U.G. by and (c) Erika Moen)

There are a few rules though (aren’t there always)

1. This ONLY (for now at least) applies in the 3 shops above.

2. Please send no more than 5 copies for any store, of any comic at the one time. So if you want 5 in each store – max 15. You can send as few as you like.

3. All books are received by us on an SOR basis. We will probably do culls from time to time – about every 4 months – and we will then advise you of what we are shipping back any unsold titles.

4. The postage to me – and for any returns there may be – is met by the artist. If you can walk in with them and I’ve agreed it, your quids in.

5. Please make sure we deem your comic to be small press before sending it. If a comic sells fantastically well we may change the designation to semi-pro and work a deal with you on a % for being a sales outlet.

6. ALL books have to come directly through me – and not direct to the shops. I need to personally control this for it to have a chance of working so please do not dump them into a store unless you have spoken with me on e-mail. If I agree and say it’s fine to drop stuff in please make sure you take a receipt in with you and MAKE SURE it is signed by a staff member. Books that ship into us by mail – must come to my address – I will re-distribute them in our internal delivery system (FOC) and track them.

7. Ship to
Kenny Penman
Unit E, The Business Centre
Faringdon Avenue

8. We’ll send you a cheque or Paypal you for what has sold every 60 days – we can’t do more quickly or often – so please don’t ask.

9. If you are a non UK resident working in English language comics – we will take your stuff but you will have to take Paypal for us to pay you.

10. Please make sure you send some form of invoice with your books – we aren’t paying against it but I need to know the retail price of each item, if you need to discuss anything please use my e-mail –

If you want to put your work into our other stores – and some of you will already have stuff in some shops – you can continue as you are in a direct relationship with the manager, for the moment this FREE system is not available outside the 3 listed shops so they will work on whatever % you’ve agreed.

The first of the Units goes in end of next week, probably – all three should be in by end July – the US small press titles will start to arrive in about 4 weeks and spread across the summer.

I hope this works for some of you – this way you are in control of your stuff more directly and you can take all the cover price, barring the shipping costs, so you should all find this more workable.

As you know Richard regularly blogs about small press work here – we hope this initiative will help many of you producing those works to more easily get your stuff in front of people. for any queries (my mail is fixed now and no longer sending out viagra adverts).


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  1. Gary says:

    Sounds pretty good to me :)! Hopefully Glasgow will follow as it’s my local!

  2. Joe List says:

    This is fantastic news! How exciting.

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  5. Martin Smith says:

    Awesome! Very good of you, sirs!

  6. Ste Hitchen says:

    Sounds Great! Count me in

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