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Published On May 21, 2010 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Dear Diary: 1988 – 1990

Sarah McIntyre

Self Published

If you’ve read the FPI blog for a while now you know we’re fans of Sarah McIntyre. I’ve gone so far as to say she’s one of the most naturally gifted cartoonists I’ve seen in the last few years. Her comics are wonderful things, Vern And Lettuce in the DFC was a real treat (the collection out in Septemberwill be the Bruton family Christmas gift for 2010), her Morris The Mankiest Monster, although not truly comics, was wonderful and her online blog is chock full of fantastic comics work.

So it’s lovely to get my hands on a mini comic she’s just produced from various strips on her blog; all triggered by watching a recent BBC TV series about diarists. Inspired, she went back through the one diary she has in her possession and created strips to illustrate the tortured mind of her 13 year old self (the rest, currently residing at  her parents’ house in the States, will hopefully be similarly transformed into comics one day).

They’re all lovingly illustrated, with all the teen angst you’d expect, together with all of the lovely cartooning McIntyre displays in whatever she does. I loved it and Molly (aged 10) now thinks Sarah is even cooler and lovelier than she did before (and we didn’t think that was possible). So here’s a few of the pages from Dear Diary, complete with Sarah’s commentary from her blog:

(From Sarah McIntyre’s Dear Diary – text from her blog: “This is the entry I first read out to my sister over the phone and, between her wild laughter, she suggested I start illustrating my diary. (Thanks, sis!) I sound like such a victim but we were both rotten scoundrels.”)

(From Sarah McIntyre’s Dear Diary – text from her blog: “I managed to dash off this 1989 diary entry, which is rather fitting because I dashed it off fairly quickly in the original diary as well. I had to do lots of editing, in case any of the boys I mentioned visited my blog and saw their names. That would’ve been way too embarrassing. We didn’t even have dances, because the school thought that was far too intimate an activity for girls and boys, but if I had mentioned the actual school event, it might have given away too much. Eek. Diaries are so awkward.”)

(From Sarah McIntyre’s Dear Diary – text from her blog: “Such a bratty thing to say, when so many people in the world can’t even get enough to eat, etc. But at the same time, I can remember watching American Beauty and realising I could put at least one name from my childhood to every single character in the film. Growing up in an American suburb is very weird, with lots of packaging.”)

Full commentary and the strips are all on Sarah McIntyre’s blog here. E-mail her for copies (if there are any left at her blog), and make sure you petition her to get hold of those other diaries as well!

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