Pinis give their blessing for ElfQuest fan film

Published On October 5, 2010 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Film TV & Theatre

BoingBoing reports that ElfQuest creators Wendy and Richard Pini have given their blessing to a new fan-film based on the popular comic. Web film veterans Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes contacted the Pinis directly to seek their approval. In fact the Pinis liked the idea so much they are donating original artwork and personal phone calls to help raise some of the $5000 funding Rhodes and Thorpe and Co need to make a trailer:

It sounded so incredibly wonderful and exciting, especially when we saw what they’d already done,” Pini said via phone. “This is the most professional, enthusiastic bunch of folks who have ever approached us; they’ve already demonstrated that they know how to make web video and get people excited about watching it. It’s a first for us and a first for ElfQuest, and we knew that we wanted to take advantage,” Richard Pini, quoted on the NYT.

It’s an interesting sounding project, not least because the actual comics creators seem to be delighted with the idea (and we’re still waiting on the long anticipated feature film version of ElfQuest, so here’s something to excite fans meantime), plus we’ve seen some brilliant fan-made SF&F films on the web in recent years (and these guys have a good track record on that score already). The guys have raised a good chunk of the money already – it’s a fan film, so not for profit, the money is purely to cover the costs – but are still looking to raise the rest in time to actually make their preferred filming slot, so if you can give them some support or even just spread the word then give them some love.

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