OuBaPo is alive !

Published On September 13, 2010 | By Wim | Comics, Continental Correspondent, Conventions and events

OuBaPo, the Workshop for Potential Comics, is alive and kicking !  This philosophy or even aesthetic concept of comics as a result of games and constraints, originated in 1992 within the group of authors around the French publishing house, L’Association (with people like Gilles Ciment or Etienne Lécroart). It quickly found international following, more particularly in the US, where authors like Matt Madden and Tom Hart started project like map comics, exercises in reduction or Alphabet City.

In itself, OuBaPo was modelled after OuLiPo, the French literary group which aimed at creating literature through experimentation and constraint.  They’d write books without the letter ‘e’ (Georges Perec’s La Disparition), and one of the OuLiPo founders, Raymond Queneau, wrote a single scene in more than a hundred different styles (which later was repeated and surpassed by Matt Madden in his wonderful Exercises in Style).

In October of this year, the second annual Potential Comics convention, Pierre Feuille Ciseaux (which translates as Paper, Scissors, Stone) will be held in the French city of Arc et Senans.  It will be the crowning point of a week long (from September 27) of collaboration exercises between 21 cartoonists, workshops and seminars on Potential Comics.  On the weekend itself, the results of the collaborations will be presented, with work by people like BlexBolex, Jean-Christophe Menu, Lisa Mandel, Marcel Ruijters, Max de Radiguès and the aforementioned Etienne Lécroat.

Additionally, the convention will also feature the great exhibition on 20 years of l’Association, which debuted in Sierre earlier this year), a series of films by Benoît Peeters on Art Spiegelman, Chris Ware, Jim Woodring and more, and workshops on how to create a mini-comic, printing techniques, interviews, a bookfair, etc.

Pierre Feuille Ciseaux is an organisation by the Chifoumi association, and takes place on the weekend of the 2nd october, at the Saline Royale in Arc et Senans (Institut Claude-Nicolas Ledoux, Département Tourisme et Publics, 25610 Arc et Senans, France).  More info on the website, or via mail.

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