Ones To Watch: Teasing Cooke’s next Parker tale and a taste of something Sweet.

Published On July 15, 2010 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Reviews

Every week at our Nostalgia & Comics store in Birmingham, Michael picks a couple of comics arriving on Thursday that he thinks will stand out on the shelves as something special. And most weeks, he writes them up for the Superfriends Of Nostalgia & Comics blog. Now, in what we’re hoping will be a regular thing at the FPI blog, he’s going to do the same, expanding on his picks and giving you something to stick on that must buy list for the weekend.

Now, over to Michael…….

The Man With The Getaway Face

by Darwyn Cooke


Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of The Hunter was one of the best-received and most popular graphic novels of 2009. A New York Times best-seller, it has appeared on over 50 “best of the year” lists. (Including the FPI blog’s Best of 2009 – where it was pipped by Asterios Polyp – Richard)

The second book, The Outfit, will debut in the fall, but IDW and Darwyn are presenting the first chapter here as a stand-alone preview comic. Priced at only $2.00, this is a full, 24-page story that offers new readers a perfect introduction to Richard Stark’s classic crime novel anti-hero, as well as a great story that stands alone. As an added bonus to readers, this preview is a whopping 8″ x 12.”

If you read Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of The Hunter then I really don’t need to say a single thing about this. You probably won’t need to buy this as you know for a fact you’ll be buying The Outfit later in the year and yet Thursday morning this will be in your buy pile.  Simply because you don’t want to go any longer than you have to before your next taste of this fantastic series of books.

If you didn’t read Parker: The Hunter remedy the situation by going out and getting it now and picking up this book as soon as you can and then realize how big a mistake you made by not reading it earlier.  Amazing artwork and a fantastic story beautifully adapted by a master at the top of his game don’t miss out on this book anymore than you have to. (My review of Parker The Hunter is here – Richard)

Sweets Issue 1

by Kody Chamberlain

Image Comics

“A spree killer terrorizes New Orleans days before Hurricane Katrina makes landfall. Detective Curt Delatte just buried his only daughter, and he’s in no condition to work. But when the bodies pile up, he masks his grief and joins the hunt through the bowels of the Big Easy. It won’t be long until his city–and his evidence gets washed away. Chamberlain, a native of southern Louisiana, makes his writing debut with this dark and gritty miniseries.”

Kody Chamblerlain has been around for a while as an artist in the world of comic books but this is his first attempt at a creator owned mini-series where he takes full creative control, which gives you an idea of his commitment to Sweets. Chamberlain’s artwork has a hint of Templesmith about it and if it’s half as good as the artist of Fell and Choker it will definitely be something to marvel at.

Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005 and it is now where more people in the creative arts are starting to use it as a backdrop for their stories.  With Sweets from Chamberlain, the fantastic Treme coming from HBO and David Simon and Dark Rain coming from Vertigo in August.  It will be interesting to see exactly how much of this stuff starts to appear but I think it’s a safe bet that Sweets will be one of the better of the bunch.

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  1. Thanks for having a look at the book, and for including it in the Ones To Watch listing. I actually picked up Getaway Face myself, I’m a big fan of the Richard Stark novels and I thought Cooke did an absolutely amazing job on the first graphic novel.

    Take care!

    Kody Chamberlain