Nu-Earth – loving and lovely 2000AD tribute fanzine

Published On June 22, 2010 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Nu-Earth 2000AD Fanzine

by Will KirkbyEmma Douglas, WJC, Andrew Cheverton, James Newell, Ryan Taylor, Paul Fryer, Matthew Craig and Richard Johnson, Naniiebim

Failboat Press

I’ll point out right from the start that this is a free comic coordinated by Will Kirkby, completely non profit, not for sale, only available through the artists at their websites and shows.

It’s a fans comic love letter to 2000AD. Sort of a “Dear Tharg, thanks for being there all those years” type thing. (So no suing please Tharg.)

And although it’s a fan thing, when the fans are of the caliber of those artists listed it does raise the whole thing above the sort of fanzine I remember seeing.

It’s written and drawn by a host of  very good artists, quite a few of which we’ve already talked about here on the FPI blog and it’s all coordinated by Will Kirkby (whose Peckham was a highlight of the brilliant Birdsong/Songbird anthology).

(Will Kirkby does Rogue Trooper in Nu Earth.)

It’s all done very nicely, with a nod and a knowing wink, loaded with affection for the characters but not afraid to be a little silly with them at the same time.

So we see Will Kirkby’s Rogue Trooper on a scavenger hunt (old socks, atomic gecko, Tharg’s washing), WJC’s ABC Warriors having a big of robo-bonding with their band (heavy metal naturally), Emma Douglas’ Judge Death strip sees the dead one doing what he does best and more, including a Dredd/Dr Who strip by Matthew Craig and Rich Johnson that gives us a horrifying glimpse into one possible regeneration of the future – the Beeb do need to justify Norton’s salary somehow after all.

(The ABC Warriors rock band – it was always going to be metal. By WJC)

Pretty much every strip is good, quite a few are great and they all do what they set out to do. Every single one sits there and proclaims a great love for all things Thrill Powered.

My fave amongst the great strips… as much as I loved WJC and Will Kirkby’s strips, art from which you’ve already seen, it has to be Emma Douglas’ Judge Death, a lovely 2 pager with great art and a funny, funny  payoff gag. Here’s page 1, get the book or head to her website for the second:

(Emma Douglas’ take on Judge Death getting his usual beating from Dredd and Anderson in Nu-Earth)

If you get chance, pick up a copy from some of the authors next time you see them at a con or event. And just in case Tharg is watching or reading this, you really might want to think about having a look at this – if they can do this well in a fanzine, then maybe they might fancy a crack at the real things? I know I wouldn’t mind seeing some of these in the pages of 2000AD.

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4 Responses to Nu-Earth – loving and lovely 2000AD tribute fanzine

  1. Cheers, Richard. Interested readers can find my and Rich’s JD/Who piece here, and Ryan Taylor has a blog-o here. Nothing beats having the finished zine in yer hands, though.

    I had a blast writing my strip, topped only by the joy of reading the finished product. I’m not even kidding, I have a total art-crush on Will’s Rogue Trroper strip.


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  3. Emma Douglas says:

    Thanks Richard! I had a blast writing and drawing that.

  4. Matt Badham says:

    Simply one of the best comics I’ve read this year, pro’ or amateur!