Not Everyday any longer – Adam Cadwell says goodbye

Published On August 21, 2010 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

As we reported back in May 2010, Adam Cadwell’s long running webcomic The Everyday (reviewed and much enjoyed back here) has been winding up over the last few months.  August 12th saw episode 200 published, marking an end to what has been an excellent series:

And that’s it, ending with a mention for Adam’s favourite tipple and a big closeup. Over on the website Adam wipes a tear from his eye, says goodbye and talks about possible future publishing plans for The Everyday and future projects:

(It’s) been a big part of my life for the last 3 and a bit years. So now that the last comic is up, I’m not about to forget the whole thing and move on. For a start there’s still Collection 4 to put together and print. I’ve no idea what I’m going to draw for the cover yet but I know there’s going to be a lot of really fun back up material as well as the last 50 comics. I also want to put together a book of The Everyday, all 200 comics in one place. I will approach a few small publishers very, very soon about this though I’m willing to self publish it too. I’m very excited about this and I’ll let you all know about it as soon as I can. I’m hoping to get the book on sale in the first half of next year.”

“Now that I no longer have the weekly deadline of drawing The Everyday, the theory goes that I will have more time to devote to my other, long running projects. The biggest of these is easily Blood Blokes, a 7 page preview of which is up on my main website’s blog.

But that’s not quite all from The Everyday. In the run up to the end of the strip Adam’s been running a series of alternative endings by other artists. Here’s Marc Ellerby’s Everyday. (More on Marc and Ellerbisms and the end of that particular strip tomorrow):

(for the very funny end to that one, you’ll have to head over to The Everyday)

And finally, here’s one from April Nash’s Everyday, working Marc and Adam into a Shaun Of The Dead style ending….

We all wish Adam the best for the future and personally, I hope it’s not too long before I’m telling you about both his new work (Blood Blokes – his “Slacker Vampire” comic looks very good) and talking about how good the Everyday collection is.

In the meantime there’s still lots of great things to buy at his webstore.

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