New at BICS (Upcoming – 16th – 17th October)

Published On October 10, 2010 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Conventions and events, General

This weekend it’s the big annual British International Comics Show in Birmingham on 16-17th October. A host of big names will be there, and there’s always the possibility you may miss some of the marvellous stuff at smaller tables. Which is where we come in…..

(Jason Cobley‘s Bulldog makes a triumphant return in Bulldog Clips #1, with a host of new short stories – details at his blog. And there’s also the second volume of The Best Of Bulldog (review of Vol 1 here). He’ll be at BICS sharing a table with Neill Cameron….)

(…. and speaking of Neill Cameron, he’ll have copies of Mo-Bot High available weeks before it’s official release – I’ve read it and it’s quite breathtakingly good.)

(David Wynne’s rather interesting looking Particle Fiction gets it’s first collection courtesy of Orang Utan Comics)

(Survival Stories from Sleepless Pheonix – the anthology originally planned from Insomnia Publications – will be coming out from it’s creators at BICS)

(Paul Rainey brings B.A.S.T.A.R.D.S. Volume 2 to Birmingham – review of Vol 1 here)

(Andrew Cheverton and Tim Keable’s excellent West: Distance #2)

(Graham Pearce is debuting his first Sgt Mike Battle collection at the show. “280 pages of freedom-loving fun for around £12.”)

(Steve Tanner at Timebomb is launching London Calling by Stephen Walsh and Keith Page)

(Rob Davis doesn’t have any new books or comics but he will be taking original art for sale and will have a selection of lovely looking prints, posters and postcards – loving the Doctor Who poster!)

(And sharing a table with Rob will be Warwick Jackson Cadwell, who’s promising his “deep sea diving samurai” comic Kani will be ready for Birmingham along with posters and art from his Gungle book, coming in 2011 from Blank Slate)

(Fall Of The Wolfmen from Andy Bloor and Accent UK gets a big event premiere at BICS)

(Matthew Craig has three new comics for BICS – the latest Bostin Heroes featuring the black country heroes, the completely revised and redone Trixie Biker Vs The Time Wastrel wherein “The Pixie-Powered Petrolhead” faces a middle-aged scientist looking to turn back time. Finally there’s a similarly rejigged Tryhard and Tearaway, the amazing adventures of two Welsh schoolboys.)

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