New at BICS – the Sleepless Phoenix rises from its slumber…

Published On October 10, 2010 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

Debuting this weekend at the British International Comics Show, The Sleepless Phoenix Survival Stories is a book that came about following the decision by Insomnia Publications to cease trading on June 30th 2010.

Much has been written of the company’s end, and the subsequent troubles have been covered in detail elsewhere. I don’t know both sides of this problem, but I will at least say that it’s always a shame to see things go so wrong in comics publishing and its a loss to the UK industry when a publisher such as Insomnia disappears, a publisher of whom a lot of people, at least before these troubles, had many positive things to say.

That things went so terribly wrong in the end is even more distressing, both for those behind Insomnia and those creators who feared they may have lost control of their works.

So, in a spirit of moving onwards and upwards, we’ll just say that the various creators of books that were planned for publication by Insomnia have banded together to publish this anthology of their work, originally meant to raise awareness of their problems in regaining their work from Insomnia Publications, since even though it was creator owned work, it was still under contract to Insomnia when they ceased trading, leaving the future of the work in doubt.

The great news is that, as of 20th August, Insomnia Publications have released all creators from their contracts and they are free to use their work as they see fit.

They’ve been supported in this work and in releasing the creator owned work from the contracts that were held by Insomnia Publications by The Comic Book Alliance. All proceeds from the book will be donated to the CBA to help and support those who find themselves in similar unfortunate positions in the future.

The book was funded from a kickstarter campaign and more details can be found at the kickstarter page. Now relax and enjoy some art from the book:

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