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Published On October 15, 2010 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Smoo 2½, Smoo 3 Preview

by Simon M

Self Published

I looked over Simon M.’s Smoo issue 2 just a couple of months back, and thought it was very impressive, lovely of line and packed with some original page designs. Since then I had chance to look at his lovely, but flawed diary comic Days. And I’m increasingly impressed by his work.

Smoo 2½ and the Smoo 3 Preview provide more of the same interesting stylistic experiments and slice of life storytelling you got in Smoo and Days. Smoo 2½ is a collection of “odds, sods and discarded ideas” and as you might expect some work and some don’t, but I like the fact that Simon M is so willing to try diffferent things on his pages. I’ve talked before about both his lovely line and his interesting, rambling tone that’s matched by his inventive page designs before, and all of that is here yet again.

(A page from Simon M’s Smoo 2½, in a fragment of a story about life from a hotel room and the displacement of a strange place.)

The Smoo #3 preview comic looks very, very good and it’s pleasing to see the development in Simon M’s work on the pages. In a gentle stroll of a comic, across 6 pages, there’s a rumination on the frustrations and benefits of the mobile phone epidemic, very light and thoughtful.

The style is still the same but the line is finer and tighter and whilst the pages still show invention in their layouts, there’s a greater sense of controlling the reader’s flow across the page, evidence that his storytelling has improved. It bodes very well for the future.

(Two pages from Simon M’s Smoo, top – from Smoo 2½, bottom from the forthcoming Smoo 3.)

Smoo 2½ is available at Simon’s webstore and Smoo 3 is imminent. I look forward to seeing his development in it’s pages.

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