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Published On July 8, 2010 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Doctor Bandaid’s Hot Guide To Romance and The Dwellings Series

by Philippa Rice

Philippa sent along a big bag of comics and other things, and I was going to cover them all in one review, but I found that by the time I’d gone on about My Cardboard Life and shown you a few of the strips, it was really too long already, so adding more would have just been impractical.

And anyway, it gives me another chance to point out how much fun Rice’s work is.

Starting with Doctor Bandaid, the amorous plaster from My Cardboard Life, here in his own 20 page full colour collection – guest starring Cardboard Colin and Paper Pauline. Love poetry, hints, tips and best of all – it answers the tricky question of what love is.

It’s not quite the joy that My Cardboard Life was, lacking the visual trickery and self-referential cleverness. But, it is funny, it is suitably gross(ish) when Doctor Bandaid overdoes the creepiness and it sees Rice experimenting a little with her style to good effect.

In trying to create something less self contained Rice has shown there’s a great potential for lots of different ways to use her characters, and like My Cardboard Life, each different attempt is merely a step towards better and better things.

After the cute, quirky, funny My Cardboard Life and Doctor Bandaid, The Dwellings Series is rather strange.

Still cute (in it’s way), definitely quirky, but not really comics. There are three Dwellings books – Intricate Dwellings, Eco Dwellings and Futuristic Dwellings, each one is 16 pages of hyper detailed black and white pictures of houses, towns, cities and structures of all sorts.

Sort of like Where’s Wally, but without Wally, without colour and without most things – except buildings. The Where’s Wally comparison keeps on going with the little “Things To Find” sheet in each Dwellings.

A person could lose their mind finding all of the things in those 16 pages. Or, like 10 year old Molly, they could spend a remarkably quiet couple of hours absolutely engrossed in the process, colouring each and every page in with consummate detail and loving it.

Philippa Rice’s My Cardboard Life webcomic is updated regularly. She’s also online at her Juzzard blog, has a great Flickrstream and everything that’s available to buy can be bought at her My Cardboard Life shop and her Juzzard Etsy store. Phillipa also sent along some of her lovely badges, but Molly grabbed those the minute I had the package open. And I haven’t seen them since.

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