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Published On January 18, 2010 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Great Deeds Against The Dead Issue 2

by Rob Jackson

Self Published

great deeds2006

The second and concluding chapter of Rob Jackson’s surrealistic tale of madness, mysticism and creepy looking toys. When we finished issue 1 (reviewed here), everything looked very dark indeed; with ageing artist Tisdale Carnegie being controlled by his dead wife and her suspiciously demonic lawyer, the disappearance of two psychic investigators and the mystery of what exactly the bizarre character on the front cover is.

It was a creepy bit of psychological mystery and a lot of fun at the same time. Issue two carries it all on nicely and brings the whole thing to a nicely satisfying conclusion.

But first things first, we do get to find out exactly what the weird ball headed thing on the cover is –  an insanely stupid 80s college project to make a giant plastic toy called Tin Can Timmy. Unfortunately it’s been made by a group of drunk students who really should read the labels more carefully……

Rob Jackson 11

(“And yet somehow we only got a C+” – great deadpan humour in the midst of an insane plot twist from Rob Jackson.)

As if an insanely evil toy wasn’t enough, our students then decide to send him back in time with their handy time machine. Off the toy goes, turning up in 1922 as part of the haul from the Egyptian Valley Of The Kings. Jackson certainly likes to play with the ridiculous surrealism and he does it very well.

The whole comic then careers off towards the ending, with all our major characters being collected together by Tin Can Timmy for a showdown in a giant fairground that lies beneath Carnegie’s house. Timmy, being made from all those evil toy parts, isn’t one for playing nicely with his friends though….

Rob Jackson 12

(Timmy and friends having all the fun of the fairground. Will Derek break free at the last moment? Or will he be torn limb from limb? It’s still a horror comic – what do you really think will happen? From Rob Jackson’s Great Deeds Against The Dead 2)

All in all, Great Deeds Against The Dead issues 1 & 2 are a couple of great comics, full of equal parts horror and absurdist humour. Jackson’s art may not  be the most refined you’ve ever seen, but his storytelling here is nicely done, and shows Jackson to be more than capable of putting together a compact and cohesive, funny and chilling story. Well worth picking up from Rob Jackson Comics, priced £2.50 per issue.

Richard Bruton.

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