Lizz Lunney: Big Cats, Tubes, Dust, Unicorns and Werewolves

Published On May 13, 2010 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Big Cat Parade, Dust/Leopards In Leotards, Tubetastic/Unicorns + Werewolves

By Lizz Lunney

Self Published

More wonders from Lizz Lunney. Just take a look at that picture above – that’s what you buy into with Ms Lunney – even the jiffy bag gets a Lunney touch, and the comics come packaged in their own candy-stripe bag. It’s silly and it’s wonderful.

I’ve already talked about Lunney’s comics a couple of times before (here and here) and these three new comics are everything you’d expect from her – just like I said right back when I first reviewed her work:

There are some mini-comics that really want to be grown up, proper comics, who want to be published in bigger form but haven’t made it yet. And there are some mini comics that don’t. Mini-comics so happy at being minis, who never want to be big, who go around cavorting in their mini-comic-ness. Guess which one Lizz Lunney’s mini-comics are?

So it’s more of the wonderful same with these three new comics; a proper (mini)comic (Big Cat Parade) and two flip book mini-mini-comics (Leopards In Leaotards/Dust and Tubetastic/Unicorns + Werewolves).

Every page of Big Cat Parade has something different, something inevitably funny and silly. Old favourites Depressed Cat, Fat Pigeon And Smelly Pigeon, The Magical Unicorns Of Keith The Wizard, Watermelon Boy, Leaning Rabbit and My Mate Primate are joined by Dullbog The Bulldog (Dull, dull, dull, bull, bull, bull), Food Dudes, Sour Rabbit + Crispy Duck  and many more. It’s practically The Fast Show of the UK self publishing scene (delete as applicable just as funny/but far funnier – depending on whether you liked the Fast Show or not).

Most of Lunney’s strips work off the old favourite comedy idea of a ridiculous juxtaposition – putting silly characters into a silly situation and playing off it. And invariably it works – every strip in all of these books got at least a smile and many of them got laughs. What more could you ask for?

Here’s a quick selection of a few favourites from Big Cat Parade:

The mini-mini-comics are flip books, each telling their own little 7 panel tale with added colour, all completely daft and all just lovely:

(Top row: Dust, Leopards In Leotards. Bottom row: Unicorns + Werewolves, Tubetastic. Two back to back, flipbook mini-mini-comics from Lizz Lunney)

Lizz is online at her website (the shop‘s a little out of date – contact her for details of these comics) and her blog.

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