Joker and Lex – this really, really needs to be made into a series….

Published On August 27, 2010 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

From issue 75 of Superman/Batman (out right now!) and currently getting a load of attention all over the Interweb thing, comes this quite brilliant Calvin and Hobbes parody/homage by Brian Azzerello and Lee Bermejo. I imagine it’s the best thing in the comic by a long way. Hell, it’s probably the best Batman related thing you’ll see all year.

How good would it be to hear that DC have taken note of all the attention and decided it’s going to get it’s own comic? Or, at the very least, a regular page in one of the monthly Batman comics.

Here’s the full strip – click to make bigger….

(Via – well, take your pick really, but I saw it first at Grantbridge Street)

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9 Responses to Joker and Lex – this really, really needs to be made into a series….

  1. Matt Badham says:

    You’re right. That is brilliant…

    …but I can’t help but feel that part of what makes it so is that’s it’s a one-off.

  2. Matt Badham says:

    I’d like to see them segue into other ‘in the style of…’ strips…


    But, anyway, this is genius!

  3. John Green says:

    I think it would be cool to do a book that is all one-off homages to newspaper strips using the DC characters. Call it DC Funnies or something and have parodies of Peanuts, Bloom County, Far Side, and so on featuring the likes of Batman, Superman, etc. Wonder Woman as Cathy? Green Lantern as Beetle Bailey?

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