Harker issue 12 – a most satisfying conclusion….

Published On June 25, 2010 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Harker issue 12

by Roger Gibson and Vince Danks

Ariel Press

The final issue of Book Two, and a most satisfying conclusion to “The Woman In Black” mystery it is too. I’ll be reviewing the collected Book 2 in a little more depth soon, so I’ll keep this brief.

To be honest, I’ve already said so much about Harker and how I still find it one of the few comic books I look forward to reading in it’s monthly form that I can’t really add anymore to what I’ve already said (see here for previous writings).

The important thing with issue 12 is that it wraps everything up in most fitting style. The murderer was revealed in issue 11, so this is the wrap up, including a manic chase across the Yorkshire Moors, Critchley up to (nearly) his neck in trouble and Harker stepping in to the rescue yet again:

(No Critchley, no…….. oh, dear. Harker and Critchley in typical action up on the moors from Harker issue 12)

As usual, there’s not just a great story in Harker but some lovely, funny, scattershot dialogue, especially between the two leads. Gibson’s writing and Danks’ art has been consistently wonderful throughout 12 issues. The stories are never allowed to get away from the realistic(ish) confines of reality, the influences are obvious, but celebrated and much loved. There’s an awful lot to love in Harker.

The big news this time around is that this is the final issue for a while, but as Gibson says in his introduction to the issue, this is merely a temporary hiatus, caused by the ongoing negotiations with “a major UK publisher”, which have necessitated the break until all is settled. A shame that I’ll have to do without the regular fix of Harker for a while, but great news if it secures the comic’s future. And this future includes new storylines including a Portmeirion spy adventure, a Blackpool case of Victorian ghost stories and Scooby-Doo style hi-jinx and a New York adventure taking in all the great American crime dramas and promising an epic French Connection style car chase.

I’ll be around for everything Harker has to offer, hopefully you’ll be there as well – all of the Harker issues are available from the Ariel Press website and there’s a list of the comic shops stocking it here. If your comic shop doesn’t have it on it’s shelves – ask them why not. Likewise, the collected volumes – available right here from FPI.

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One Response to Harker issue 12 – a most satisfying conclusion….

  1. roger gibson says:

    Thank you for another lovely review, Richard – your ongoing support has been really appreciated! And yes, I can promise that it’s strictly a temporary break with Harker. We’re discussing a deal at the moment that should hopefully secure the long term future of Harker, and as soon as we’re able to we’ll be announcing what will effectively become ‘Season Two’. I can’t give a timescale for any of this as it depends on the details of the deal (which are still being worked out) but I can promise you there’s a lot more Harker to come, we’ve hardly started yet.

    The next book is almost certain to be the New York story, to appeal directly to what we hope will be the new US market that the deal should open up. Vince still gives me ‘that’ look whenever I mention the huge car chase 😉

    In the meantime we’re working on a Torchwood strip and a three issue project currently called ‘Mad Girl’, and I’m working hard on rewrites on the first Harker novel “The Murder Club”, but we’ll be immediately back onto Book Three of Harker as soon as we’re given the go-ahead. I’m itching to get to work on it!