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Published On December 24, 2010 | By Richard Bruton | Classic library, Comics, Reviews

Eddy Current

by Ted McKeever

Image Comics


One man holds the key to the world’s salvation. But there’s a catch – he’s only got 12 hours to save the world before he has to get back to his cell in Dum Dum Asylum. Because Eddy Current is insane – or at least that’s what the doctors tell him.

Luckily Eddy’s not going out into the world unarmed; he’s got his Dynamic Fusion Suit (batteries not included) obtained with a coupon from his Amazing Broccoli comic. Plugging the suit directly into the mains may not be a good idea, but fate plays a hand, just as it will all through this epic quest; lightning overloads the asylum grid, the Dynamic Fusion Suit powers up and connects to Eddy’s disturbed mind, the doors are open for 12 hours until the repair men arrive and Eddy makes good his escape from Nurse Ratshit. 12 hours to save the world – except he’s not sure what from and he certainly doesn’t have a clue how. With impossibly spiky hair, the Dynamic Fusion Suit under a trenchcoat and converse sneakers on his feet, Eddy Current certainly makes an unusual looking saviour.


Along the way others are gathered to the Quixotic quest, including the mysterious Nun; built like a weightlifter and convinced that Eddy is the deity/savior she’s searching for, with that Amazing Broccoli Comic as his scripture. In her own way, Nun may just be as mad as Eddy himself. Then there’s Lydia, Eddy’s unrequited love whose current boyfriend Reggie heads out the door in some devolved mental state shortly after Eddy and Nun walk in. The quest gets put on hold, much to Eddy’s chagrin, but could the same radio transmission that pulls Reggie towards the radio station be the threat that Eddy has to save the world from?

Atop the WSAP radio station skyscraper, with the clock counting down to the subliminal transmission designed to normalise the city, the final conflict takes place, worthy of the best superhero tales around where Nun and Eddy sacrifice everything for a quest neither truly understands.

McKeever’s dark, scratchy artwork is full of manic, exaggerated figures and absolutely worthy of his deranged characters, yet he’s completely in control of the storytelling, pulling off an amazing combination of tight control and loose, beautifully expressionistic artwork all set against a backdrop of some of the greatest citiscapes ever seen in comics.

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It’s all about faith and friendship; Eddy’s unswerving faith in his Quixotic quest, however misguided, however insane. Nun’s faith in Eddy as the world’s saviour that overwhelms her reason. And the friendship and sacrifice that both will make when they find themselves, either by accident or by some higher design, in just the right place at the right time to have a chance to save their world. 12 hours, 12 chapters. Time enough to save the world in glorious, insane style.

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