Gloomy Valentine

Published On February 14, 2010 | By Joe Gordon | Animation, Comics, Film TV & Theatre

Its a day for fluffy pink hearts and very bad poetry with sentiments so sweet your teeth would rot. For the sake of balance and sanity, though (and for the cynics), here’s some nice Gothic animation from Isabel Peppard and her crew, Gloomy Valentine, which sees a woman driven mad from lack of love. Happy Valentine’s!


And I love this very odd little Valentine’s animation by Adam Hoffman and Chris DeVille:

CUPID – Happy Valentine’s Day from Billow Talk on Vimeo.

And Comics Alliance spotted these classic 1960s Batman Valentine’s Day cards by Hallmark, scanned in by Flickr user Andertoons. CA suggests reading the text out in an Adam West voice and I reckon they’re right, old chums. Hmm, I wonder, if you were giving this to the object of your affections, do you think romance would really bloom?

Batman 60s valentine

(harmless fun or is this card equating love with domestic violence?!?! Ok, we know its only fun really, but, man, you could easily read the intent the wrong way here...)

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