Published On November 12, 2010 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

Now this made me smile – Madeline Flores has posted up a cool wee short comic, Gentlemen, which you should really go and enjoy;

(some frames from Gentlemen by and (c) Madeline Flores)

And on a related note Blank Slate Books has just released Madeline’s new graphic novel, The Girl and the Gorilla, a charming tale of the sorts of things that can happen why you take an Alice type trip after an animal, although in this case it’s a talking gorilla rather than an unpunctual rabbit. We picked Maddy’s book as one of our latest Newsletter Specials (every week we pick out some happening graphic novels and offer great deals on them, check them out by subscribing) and that means we’re currently offering a whopping 40% off The Girl and the Gorilla for the next two weeks, which makes it an incredibly affordable way to check out some great new talent, so take advantage of our generous natures!

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