Freeway – Mark Kalesniko’s Alex returns. I rejoice.

Published On May 23, 2010 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

Is it wrong to think that this will be on my best of year list even before it’s been published?

Mark Kalesniko returns to the life of his tortured, alcoholic, dog faced protagonist who we last saw in the wonderous Alex. There’s going to be just as much anger, just as much depression, just as much self-loathing, although possibly not as much drinking. Alex is one of those books that people who love it, really, really love it. And everyone else has no idea what it is. But trust us on this, it was an incredible, darkly humourous tale that was always rumoured to be worryingly autobiographical. Well, now, after nearly a decade out of comics Kalesniko returns with a massive 384 page graphic novel all set in a traffic jam:

Alex is an animator and he’s angry. Stuck in a traffic jam on his way to his job at “Mickey Walt” Studios, Alex rages, reminisces, fantasizes and hallucinates about his early days as a starry-eyed animator landing his dream job, through the increasingly depressing political battles and creative compromises. Loaded with insider information on two generations of animators, Freeway is another ambitious step forward for a major cartooning talent.

Freeway is out in July from Fantagraphics. It will be marvellous.

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