Find Comet, Read Comet, Love Comet…..

Published On January 13, 2010 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Find Comet, Hit Comet, Watch Comet, Sleep. # 1

by Hugh “Shug” Raine

Self Published


One of those comics I really could judge by the cover. One look at it’s tiny size (it’s just the size of a cd inlay) and the unusual design (yes, the cover is drawn directly onto what looks like graph paper) and I had the feeling that I was going to be enjoying this one. Thankfully, first impressions were right. It may be tiny, it may be short, it may be a very quick read, but it’s also fun, well drawn and well worth picking up.



(Derek’s job suddenly gets a lot more exciting. Love the expressions on those faces and the decision to do without hands and feet. From Find Comet, Hit Comet, Watch Comet, Sleep #1 by Hugh Raine.)

Derek works at the local observatory, doing his boring job “keeping an eye on the chuffin’ numbers“, failing to find the courage to talk to the girl from the other end of the building he keeps seeing in the corridor, and generally sleepwalking his way through life, scared to do anything to change the crushing routine; scared of rejection, scared to make a stand. But one day he finds himself staring at the chuffin’ numbers when something strange crops up – something he’s missed. Grabbing the print out of this weird anomaly he heads home (failing to chat to the girl yet again). Things get worse later on when he’s hounded out of the pub by the bully who used to pick on him at school.



(Derek’s hardly one of life’s go-getters as these two scenes show us so very well. From Find Comet, Hit Comet, Watch Comet, Sleep #1 by Hugh Raine.)

If only something momentous would happen to knock him out of this routine, something huge to make him re-evaluate his life…………. oh, hold on, what about that anomaly?

I’ll not give away the ending to the events that happen in issue 1, that give Derek all the motivation he needs to start making some changes to his life that will no doubt reverberate through the remaining three issues. All I’ll say is that his boring job watching the readouts in the observatory just got a lot more exciting with the discovery of something big heading this way (I suppose the biggest clue is in the title). Derek’s got three months to change his life – but does he tell anyone else about what he’s found out?

There’s very little reading here in this little 20 page mini with it’s 3-4 panels a page. But what there is works very well; light, funny, with quick and incisive characterisation and plotting that throws you into the story with the necessary speed of something this short.

Raine’s artwork is equally good; very cartoony, his characters nothing more than big round heads on near stick bodies. But there’s a lovely fluidity in his characters – look at the way he uses the cartoon look so well with the thin lines of the arms and legs and yet still manages to get a lot of motivation, body language and expression into so few lines. Very, very nice indeed.

Find Comet, Hit Comet, Watch Comet, Sleep issue 1 is available from Raine’s website. It’s a great, great little comic and no doubt I’ll be telling you all about how great the other issues are in time as well.

To add to your enjoyment, he’s even seen his way to soundtrack the entire comic with music tracks available from the site here. And while you’re over at his website, make sure you take time to check out some of the other excellent stuff he’s got on there – my particular favourite is Jenny’s Weird Friend, which made me laugh back in May and still makes me laugh now.

Richard Bruton.

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