Find Comet issue 2 – drinking in the face of impending doom

Published On June 18, 2010 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Find Comet, Hit Comet, Watch Comet, Sleep. # 2

by Hugh “Shug” Raine

Self Published

The second issue in Hugh Raine’s tiny comic series (each issue just the size of a cd inlay and issue 1 review here) continues the story of Derek, who works at the local observatory, a bland, little man with a boring job “keeping an eye on the chuffin’ numbers“, who’s busy sleepwalking his way through life when he makes the monumental discovery of a comet on collision course with Earth. Then he makes the decision to keep the information to himself.

This issue, freed from his previous routinely dull existence, Derek decides he may as well live a little in the time he (and the world) has left. From extra sugar in his coffee to turning in late to his job up at the observatory he’s changing his life in every way he can think of, casting off the fear and insecurity that held him back. So he quits the job, starts smoking (what’s the worst that could happen – he’s only got a few weeks before the comet hits), organises a date with the cute girl he previously couldn’t even bring himself to say hello to and heads off to the pub for a bit of all day drinking.

(Derek’s having a wail of a time in his own, secret end of the world party. From Find Comet #2 by Hugh “Shug” Raine)

The only thing that could possibly mess up Derek’s newly found freedom living in his own little land of do what thou wilt is if one of his colleagues discovers the secret of the comet. Oh dear. Issue 3 may not be so sedate for Derek or the world.

Like I said of the first issue of Get Comet, Raine’s onto a nice little thing here; delivering a well paced, funny, expressionistic work from just the few cartoony lines  of his little stick bodied figures with their big, expressive faces. All in all, it’s a jaunty and fun little series. This issue lacked some of the comedy of the first, but there’s still more than enough here to make it worth seeling out, if only to figure out which way Shug’s going to take it.

Find Comet, Hit Comet, Watch Comet, Sleep issues 1 and 2 are available from Raine’s website. And, just like issue 1, there’s free, downloadable music to accompay the issue from the website as well.

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