Far, Far Away – Gorgeous Star Wars Prints

Published On September 4, 2010 | By Richard Bruton | Animation

These are lovely; Far, Far Away – three prints by Andy Helms from the original trilogy, $15 each or $40 for the set. One day I’m going to get fed up with these minimalist works, but that day isn’t today:

(Via SuperPunch)

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Richard Bruton

– Started in comics retail aged 16 at Nostalgia & Comics, Birmingham. Now located in Yorkshire, he’s written for the Forbidden Planet International Blog since 2007. Specialising in UK Comics and All-Ages comics, Richard’s day job in a primary school allowed him to build the best children’s graphic novel library in the country.

24 Responses to Far, Far Away – Gorgeous Star Wars Prints

  1. Cryptnotic says:

    How long until Lucasfilm finds this and shuts it down?

  2. user says:

    These are actually hideous.

  3. tapcalap says:

    nice posters, especially the first one. good work.

  4. James M says:

    Very cool stuff.

  5. Luke Jones says:

    That Empire Strikes Back poster is awesome.

  6. Cloudseer says:

    Amazing, especially the first one. Is it available as a wallpaper?

  7. jtrip says:

    cool, but looks a lot like VNV images

  8. Leif hurst says:

    Awesome work…. Really need all 3 to have the full effect

  9. WebStalkers says:

    Meh…takes the same idea and tweaks it to make several images. Ok to look at for a second or two but then kind of boring.

  10. PaceGst says:

    Maybe it is time to be fed up with the all the movie poster minimalist designs propagating through the web. They are looking more and more like Photoshop/Illustrator exercises than movie posters. decent abstraction – but no drama! Sorry but these are a snooze.

  11. Tmood says:

    What about the “first” three Star Wars?? I’d love to see something like that for those films too..

  12. Dimetri says:

    How come no Hoth hemisphere at the bottom of #2?

  13. Weakly says:

    “One day I’m going to get fed up with these minimalist works”

    For me, today is that day.

  14. Bird Dog says:

    These are terrible. They look like South Park caricatures. Laughable bad.

  15. Mike Smith says:

    I don’t know what these smacked asses are talking about. These are BEAUTIFUL. Great work!

  16. abart01 says:

    There weren’t any TIE Interceptors in Empire Strikes Back.

  17. painstick says:

    I can’t believe that abart01 inspected every ship in that poster. Someone still lives with their mom

  18. Cliodhna says:

    How long until Lucasfilm finds this and shuts it down?

    About this long:


  19. linda says:

    these are incredibly beautiful, and flawlessly designed. great work.

  20. mklickman says:

    As a designer, I am very impressed by these. They are consistent, thematic, and the fact that they all follow the same grid is absolutely brilliant. Not only that, but while the minimalist style feels very contemporary, it also pays homage to the art style in the late 70s . It’s very disappointing that Lucasfilm does not see the merit in prints like this; as if the franchise is in danger of being infringed upon (or is it just “because they can”).

    A note to many of the critics: it is both possible and very respectable to appreciate well-executed work, even if it does not appeal to your personal taste. No need to hate 🙂

    And, not that I’m trying to pick a fight, but @painstick, it’s actually quite apparent that there are TIE Interceptors in the Empire poster (and I do not live with my parents). Abart01 was simply making an observation.

  21. MjH says:

    Nice retro look and feel. Agree w/@Dimetri – having Hoth at the bottom of TESB poster would have been a good choice as well as for consistency.

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