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Published On March 23, 2010 | By Joe Gordon | Reviews


by James Kochalka

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A hilariously rude look at what super-powered teens would really be like, presented with Kochalka’s signature sweetness and charm, SuperF*ckers is an over-the-top super-sitcom with its mind in the gutter and its heart on its sleeve.

Yep, I’d pretty much agree with all that. James Kochalka’s Superf*ckers is essentially Legion Of Teenage Sweary Heroes. After all, if you were a superpowered teen the odds are you wouldn’t be falling for all that “with great power comes great responsibility” rubbish would you? Yes, think back to your teen years – even without superpowers you were still at least mildly annoying and ridiculously self-obsessed weren’t you?

So Superf*ckers presents the far more plausible result of giving a group of teens super powers; a group of self-obsessed, potty-mouthed, squabbling hormones on legs wandering around trying to figure out what to do next; abuse the new kids, hit something for no good reason, find something (anything) to get wasted on or have sex with and just generally arse about whilst swearing as much and as loudly as possible.


As for story, it’s pretty much a series of situations written to get the most shock gags as possible from the strip, and that’s just fine. After all, this really is all about the gags. And thankfully the gags are great. Stupid, childish, immature certainly. But bloody funny.

And there’s always the hint that all the heroic stuff takes place in between these scenes we get to watch. We’re catching the heroes on their days off, in between all that boring saving the universe stuff. And that’s fine as well, because just like they’d rather be doing anything but save the universe (again), I’d rather read about them trying to find new ways to insult each other, or discover even more petty ways to piss each other off and stranger ways to get off their faces – best of which has to be smoking the slime trail of Grotus; purple, blobby teamate who eventually gets to be leader and sleep with quite a few of the team into the bargain.


Kolchalka absolutely throws everything he’s got at Superf*ckers, and it means there’s always going to be something funny happening, probably in the next panel. But even with all the completely moronic funny stuff going on you start to like the cast, even start to empathise with them. Superf*ckers might be stupid but it’s honest, and Kolchalka’s sentimental side (as seen in his wonderful diary strip American Elf) comes out in subtle little ways. You can tell he loves them all, no matter how dumb and reprehensible they are – after all, we all went through this shit at some point or other. It’s just that the Superf*ckers are doing it with superpowers.

This collection includes all four of James Kochalka’s seres, and throws in an all new Jack Krak story for good measure. Kolchlka’s even gone as far as making a theme song on You Tube.

Superf*ckers is day-glo bright and all done in Kolchalka’s easy on the eye style; it may not be all that subtle, it may not be big and it may not be clever to be that sweary, but it sure is funny. Very funny.

Richard Bruton.

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